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How To Get Started

Try putting this straightforward six-point plan in place. It looks simple, but it will take commitment from all parts of your organization

1.Get Commitment.
Executives at the highest level of your organization need to start spreading the message that your company is committed to employing, advancing, and retaining Hispanic employees. Say it loud. Say it often. Mean it.

hiring diversity2. Start Recruiting
Let it be known that you are aggressively hiring diversity. Make sure you are posting your jobs on the right sites! To be truly successful, each division or business unit should be charged with directly recruiting Hispanics.

3. Train Interviewers
Train your interviewers to screen Hispanic—and other minority—candidates. It is a proven fact that untrained interviewers will give highest marks to people most like themselves in appearance and background. Obviously, this is not a good way to recruit or properly assess minority candidates. Try putting this straightforward six-point plan in place. It looks simple, but it will take commitment from all parts of your organization.

4. Be Aggressive on Placements
The best and brightest Hispanic resumes may come at a premium. As Diversity recruiting becomes more important to all companies, great candidates will be in high demand. Be prepared to be flexible for must-have candidates.

5. Train for Success
Any employee's success hinges on proper orientation and training. Be sure all such programs are accessible and culturally friendly to your new employee. Also, make sure training programs that lead to upward mobility and career advancement are available and accessible.recruiting hispanics

6. Evaluate and Reward
Many companies have beautifully articulated, well-funded Diversity programs—but they are mostly comprised of brochures and lip service. In order to be successful, your company must make Diversity a formal point for evaluation for all employees, not just managers. When people know that their evaluations and performance bonuses depend on promoting and developing Diversity in the workplace, you can bet your Diversity program will start to move.

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