Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Frequently Asked Questions
       Why is my resume not saved? I am a Trial member.
  How do I add a resume?
  Why can't I apply for a job if my Free Membership has not yet expired?
  What is the difference between a resume and language version?
  What kind of public headline should I put on my resume?
  What is a cover letter?
2 - Which Membership Option is Right for Me?
3 - My LatPro
4 - Membership
  a. General Info
  b. Trial
  c. Associate & Full
5 - Profile
6 - Resumes
  a. Adding, Editing, Deleting
  b. Resume Versions
  c. Managing Resumes
7 - Jobs
  a. Searching for
  b. Applying for Jobs
  c. Recruiter/Company Response
8 - Saved Search and Job Agents
9 - Payment
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