Ad Specifications

Banner Ads
Web Site Sponsorship
Employer Logos 
Newsletter Sponsorship
FormatsSimple Media: .GIF and .JPG image files, html, image maps, etc.
Rich Media: Javascript, Flash, etc.
3rd-Party Serving available.
Simple Media: .GIF and .JPG image files (non-animated)
Sizes468 x 60 pixels, other sizes upon request.120 x 60 pixels maximum
File sizeUnder 75 kb for gifs and jpgs; Under 5 mb for FlashUnder 11 kb
ReportingMonthly. Online reporting with independent login is availableNumber of subscribers available upon request
InsertionsInsertion order due at least one week before target date of publication. Creative must be submitted 2 business days prior to the start of the campaign.Completed order and logo due at least one week before target date of publication.

Creative Guidelines:

  • All components of an Ad Creative (graphics, source code or target URL) are subject to approval by LatPro before publication. LatPro reserves the right to reject any advertisement.
  • Clicks on banner may launch one external browser window, however, it may not launch windows when served.
  • No audio (sound FX/music).
  • Advertisements may not mislead users into thinking that the advertisement is functional (e.g., a poll, search engine or a part of LatPro), rather than an advertisement.
  • Advertisements may not mislead the user to believe that the content is news, rather than advertising.
  • All Advertisements must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Advertising Standards Authority Code of Practice.
  • Ads may not have transparent backgrounds and may never blend into the screen content.
  • Ads may never use any of the LatPro Family of Brand names to imply affiliation with or an endorsement by LatPro, whether a LatPro product, content or service, unless such a relationship exists.

Content Liability:

Advertiser and/or agency assumes all liability for the content of all advertisements authorized for publication and is responsible for any claims made against LatPro that may arise as a consequence of their advertisements.


Fifteen percent Agency commission to recognized agencies.


Campaigns will be billed on a monthly basis upon full delivery of impressions. Accounts are payable upon receipt of invoice and become past due 30 days after invoice date. A FINANCE CHARGE of 1 1/2% per month (18% annually) is applied to accounts that remain unpaid 30 days after the billing date.

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