Bolivian Global Product Manager at Citigroup Explains the Importance of Bilingualism

Tips to become a product manager

Jose Aranda, Global Product Manager at Citigroup, shares his perspective on what bilingualism can do. 

Jose Aranda
Bilingual product manager Jose Aranda

Please give us a Brief description of what you do.

As a product manager, I manage liquidity solutions products for large corporations on a global basis.

Did you find this job through LatPro?

My first job with Citigroup came via Latpro back in December 2004! It was as a consultant for their Offshore Funds Transfers group out of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Please tell us more about you, your professional and multicultural background, and so on…

I was born in La Paz, Bolivia and in the early ’80s emigrated back to the United States, where I had been a South Florida resident for over twenty years before making a move to my current location in New York, back in August 2014.  I currently work out of my company’s headquarters in the Tribeca area of Manhattan.

Before joining Citigroup, I worked briefly for a technology start-up company located in Deerfield Beach, FL. Interestingly enough, back then there was a startup boom across the country. I believe we are in the midst of experiencing another one today, but that is another subject. The extent of my stint there lasted less than one year. I think the length of stay in any one company lies in one’s amenability to their role as well as one’s individual fit into the organization’s culture.

Over my time here I have worked in diverse roles such as financial control, project management and now product management. My bilingual skills (English and Spanish) have been critical at different times throughout my career. They were required for my initial entry into Citigroup’s LATAM operations, back in Florida, but they have also been critical at different stages throughout my eleven years at one of the most culturally diverse financial services companies in the world.

Interestingly enough, my current role did not require a second language (global roles will communicate primarily in English across the globe), but it provided a key differentiator as a project with a Latin American country came up: Spanish allowed me to be placed on the project because of my language skills.

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