Caption contest #3 – Latino Job Seeker

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Winning entry by GetRDone:

“No experience or computer skills, no English, Hmmm…no problem-you’re hired!”

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DW: “Well, your resume certainly smells good…”

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poppygirl: “You mentioned your soft skills on the phone, but I had no idea how good they’d be!”

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Bignerd86: “I like my team to feel at home, so please, call me Daddy.”



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DW: “Tell me about your qualifications again.”

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Eric Shannon


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  • ” Now part of our policy …… I’m sorry …. I get so nervous when it comes to this part of the interview…. what kind of experience….. um, do you have ? “

  • Very impressive resume.  It says here you worked with President Clinton; could you share a bit more about this position?

  • ¿ wow this is the smoothest resume I’v ever gone through, with so many curved sssssssss there no dought your the one for the job. “o

  • Do not get me wrong is not a question of gender, race or religion, work references are given to us by Sheriff Joe Apagio about you. . . .

  • I’m supposed to be talking out loud…….SAY something!!!!……will she go out with me?……is she qualified for this job?…..who cares!…..”Ma’am, you’re hired.”

  • “S-s-so you see, our sexual harassment suits are at an all-time low.  Your position will mainly consist of bending over to pick up anything that falls on the floor, let’s see what you’ve got!”

  • You are the exact type I am looking for! Can I reach you at this number and are available for night shift? 

  • You mentioned your excellent soft skills on the phone, but I had no idea just how excellent they would be!

  • “I’m just a dumb jerk who doesn’t want to get sued. Bear with me as I try to get past myself to treat you with the respect and dignity all job applicants deserve.”