Caption contest #4 – bullfight HR cartoon

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A few words with Tom:

What do you do for a living?  I am an Area Coach for Pizza Hut in Corinth, TX.

Has your sense of humor ever helped you on the job? I use humor every day in my professional life.  Nothing relieves stress like a good laugh!

Ever used humor in a job search? I once went on an interview during which I found out somebody I had dated years ago worked there.  They asked me what she would say about me if asked.  I told them (laughingly) that the interview was over and that I would just save them time and leave.  Everybody laughed and we went forward.  I did get that job!

What’s your best advice for jobseekers?  It is the law of averages.  You will get many “no’s” before you get that one “yes”.  Keep pushing!  Your job right now is to get a job.  Do your work every day.

What do you find funny and not funny about job search? Job searching can be stressful and that is not funny, but keep yourself together, stay calm, stay relaxed and let your lighter side guide you.

Tom Wood from Irving, TX

“He has created a hostile work environment, and thats no BULL!”



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Eric Shannon


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  • I can not work with him! He refers to everything I do or say as Bull S#!+ … Yes well he is always trying to push me, and poking me with those huge stupid horns!

  • Sir i know you have probles with your wife but tell me what do you imagine yourself as after the fight.):……….Like a bull with two horns…… > 🙁

  • Bull:  “I’m sorry, boss, but I just can’t work with this guy – every day he makes me see red.  I’m quitting.  I’ve been offered a job in a china shop, and I’m going to take it.”

  • everytime  you make me see red i think about your wife but everytime i see it i just want to charge for it….matador: i had to marry a red head

  • Gentlemen, what you do on you own time is not the company’s business, but would you say your differences get in the way of working as a team?

  • Yes, I know my speicialty is  in human relations, but, uh, well, one of you is um… how can I put this delicately…? 

  • Mediator: If he changed the color of the cape to green, would that make you feel better?  
    Bull: And the color of his clothes, too?
    Bull Fighter: First, show me the green.

  • Matador- I’m just doing my job, you know.
    Bull- Well maybe if we traded places in the ring we’d have a better understanding…
    Mediator- *sigh* Can’t we all just get along?

  • Of COURSE I pull the cape away. That’s my JOB. I’m not TEASING you! And no, it’s NOTHING like Lucy with the football.


  • “He’s just mad because I got him back for teasing my cousin Jimmy with that cape last week…”

  • Fashion Emergency!
    Bull: “I simply do not like that color on you.  It irritates me when you wear all that red and wave that cape around”Matador:  At least I don’t run around naked with a nose ring!

  • Jolines! Mira juez, dile a este tio que me ha herido la dignidaz, hombre! Yo esperaba ver a un joven apuesto, esbelto, sin gafas y con muleta roja…. Asi como esta me lo como en dos segundos y esto que despues me va a demandar por ser de la tercera edad… Habrase visto! Conho! 

  • MEDIATOR: Thanks to “Ikea” we will be able to create the perfect work-space for both of you.
                       Welcome aboard! ……(under his breath): Oy! What have I done?!? HELP!!!!!!  

  • Man, speaks to the bull: “The pension fund is at risk, what you going to do?”
    Bull, replies: “the economy is in an up-swing with all of us pitching in”
    Woman: “What kind of Bull is this?”

  • If he really had balls, he’s fight me in an open field, without the sword and minus the picadores.  I’d be the one cutting his ears off and walking around in victory.

  • What do you mean, when you say that you are tired of all the bull? Are you trying to say something?

  • Bull to Matador : Don’t you dare touch my women again, let alone taste them ! 
    Matador to Bull: 
    All right boy, skewer me! I have been through my share of shish kabob skewers

  • I am going to recommend Anger Management classes for you.

    “Sorry Boss, but he infuriates me so that I just see red!”