WORK SMART – How to Land a Job at a Great Company and Get Promoted

WARNING: DO NOT READ WORK SMART UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO BE BETTER THAN 9 OUT OF 10 OTHER JOB APPLICANTS.  Eric Shannon, the founder of LatPro, wrote a job guide that reveals in frank detail how little things most job applicants never notice prevent...

How to Promote your Bilingüismo

Being bilingual is a wonderful asset in the professional world. Your skills are desirable! “A University of Phoenix Research Institute study found that demand for American workers who speak foreign languages—particularly Spanish and...

Hispanic job fairs ~ 10 tips for success

Our Hispanic job fairs are a great way to network with a variety of employers at one time. To help you make the most out of your job fair experience, we’d like to share some important recommendations from our career experts here at