Talent Sourcing: Closing the Skilled Worker Gap

With skilled labor shortages widely expected as a result of retiring baby boomers and an influx of young, less experienced workers, companies wishing to remain competitive will have to use creative approaches to talent sourcing and management.

To prepare for the anticipated skilled labor shortages, proactive companies should be asking themselves: “What are we doing to attract the rich resource of diverse employees?”

If your organization does not have an answer to that question, here are some tips to help you tap into this rich source of skilled labor.

Some facts about diverse candidates and employees

  • Diverse candidates and employees are relationship oriented and rely on their networks of friends and family to get information about a company. Your organization’s reputation as stable and welcoming to diverse employees carries a lot of weight.
  • Family, nuclear and extended, is very important to diverse employees. If your organization offers work-life benefits, highlight them when you promote your company as a great place to work.

Given the above, the following ideas should prove fruitful in attracting diverse employees.

General Recruitment

College Recruitment

  • Create relationships with high schools and universities to keep students in school and offer them a career to which they can aspire.
  • Go beyond guidance counselors and career placement services; diverse students are less likely to use them. Instead, tap into ethnic student organizations and offer to talk about careers in your line of business at any of their events. Do the same with college professors, who often welcome business professionals into their classrooms to talk about real-world careers.
  • Have your employees become mentors to students
  • Offer relevant and significant internship experiences

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