Diversity is Key to Global Success

Diversity is Key to Global SuccessSuccess in global markets depends on a well-honed intercultural workforce that understands the unique needs of people from different cultures and regions.

If a company’s workforce does not include people that have lived, traveled, or currently understand the unique needs of customers, product development and sales will suffer.

You only have to read the business press or watch the news to find a strong business case for diversity recruiting. “Companies that hire diversity outperform the S&P 500” (Fortune, July 19, 1999, p. 53)

“Heterogeneity—a mixture of genders, ethnic backgrounds, and ages in senior management teams—consistently correlates with superior corporate performance.” (Management Review, September 1998, p. 37)

“. . . 54% of the top 100 companies by revenue have multiple female directors versus one-third of the Fortune 500 overall. . .” (How are Women in the Workforce Faring?” Online NewsHour, 4.24.96, PBS)

“Racial and other forms of discrimination have an economic impact on society, according to Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan: they reduce profits.” (Dow Jones NewsWires, March 22, 2000)

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