Elizabeth Glunk, studying Teaching English as a Second Language, is a LatPro Scholarship Finalist

[I] chose my major during my Sophomore year of college. At the time, I was planning on double majoring in English and Spanish. However, I was searching for something more. 

As long as I can remember, I have always had a great passion for foreign cultures and people groups, and I have always had a heart for teaching. However, I never had interest in becoming a general education teacher. One day, someone told me I should explore the ESL Education Major at my university. I had no idea what “ESL” even stood for. When I learned that “ESL” stood for English as a Second Language, I was immediately intrigued. The idea of teaching immigrants and students of various nationalities and working in a learning environment where I could engage with students who bring a wealth of diverse cultural experiences stirred my heart. 

My dream, which is just as alive today as it was then, is to provide students, particularly English language learners, with the educational support and encouragement needed to overcome the hindrances involved in learning a new language. More than that, I hope to inspire these students to discover and fulfill their dreams in spite of the countless hardships they face in this country.

Since that time, I have gone on to complete my undergraduate studies in attempt to make my dream of teaching ESL a reality. In May of 2012 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English for Speakers of Other Languages. However, I have struggled tremendously in finding a full time teaching position over the past few months due to the effects of education budget cuts on the hiring process of local school districts in our presently struggling economy. 

However, I refuse to let this hinder me. Currently, I am volunteering my time with refugees seeking to learn English, and I work part time as an ESL Instructor for adults in the community. Furthermore, I am pursing a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language at The University of Texas at San Antonio. However, I am feeling the financial burdens of higher education, and I am seeking out financial assistance in order to continue my education. Obtaining a Master’s degree will enable me to persevere in the pursuit of becoming a full-time ESL Teacher, and maybe even an ESL specialist one day. I would in turn use my knowledge and experiences in ESL to start programs or improve existing programs across the United States, or maybe even abroad. I believe this scholarship will greatly aid me in obtaining a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, and ultimately help me to fulfill my dream and encourage others to do the same.’s scholarship program is proud to announce Elizabeth Glunk as one of the finalists for its December 2012 application deadline. Vote for her essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column), click the ‘star’ just above comments section below, and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.

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  • I can clearly see your passion and desire to use your education to help others fulfill their dreams. I hope you get this scholarship because its obvious that you will use it to do great things!

  • You are a true inspiration! Having been in some of your undergrad courses I know how passionate you are about education! Good luck and I can’t wait to hear about the wonderful things you do to impact your future students!

  • Ellie, as always, this essay is brilliantly written. What is so inspiring about your story is that not only do you have a true love for teaching, but a true love for all whom your teaching influences. I have witnessed you persevere through many challenges already and I know that you will take the challenges of your future in characteristic stride, running your race with dedication. Clearly I believe that you merit this scholarship. With this aid for obtaining your Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language you will make this award have continuing positive outcomes. This current award will in turn reward so many future students. I’m proud of you, Ellie! My vote is for you!

  • Awesome. True commitment to doing good and helping others is something I think is of the utmost importance. You are really inspiring! Ellie 2013!

  • Selecting “the” winner can be a difficult task. Most candidates will only reach this level if they have met all the same requirements. Usually, what the officials are seeking is that something extra–that sparkling edge–that shows emphatically, “This candidate will not only be worthy of this scholarship, but will have a ‘ripple-out’ positive force for this program. In equipping Ellie to teach, like the stone skipped across the water, she will in like manner, keep reaching numerous others and the ripples will continue. An investment in Ellie’s education by awarding her this scholarship will be a positive for the University of Texas at San Antonio and an asset to our educational system.

  • You will not find a more qualified or passionate individual to which this scholarship should be given. Ellie truly has a heart for not only teaching, but also for helping outsiders learn to adapt and feel included when they are immersed in a new culture. She will certainly use her talents in teaching and her compassionate heart to make a significant difference in the world of ESL.

  • Elizabeth has such a big heart for teaching and such an inquisitive mind when it comes to learning about other cultures. She is truly fascinated by learning new things about teaching and about other countries and people. She truly uses her knowledge and experience to make this world a better place. Her positive influence can only increase as she learns and grows and studies more about ESL. She loves to learn and is a dedicated student.

  • This is a very inspiring essay Ellie. I admire your heart for others and the passion you have for making your dream come true. I really hope you get this scholarship!

  • Ellie comes from a background of family members who enjoy languages and peoples of other cultures. This natural interest and ability combined with her kind spirit make her an outstanding candidate for an ESL instructor. She will well-utilize the financial support that anyone is able to provide by adding even more techniques to her teaching toolbox. Can’t wait to see the great things she will do!

  • Elizabeth Glunk’s determination and desire to help others shows through clearly in this essay. She is an intelligent and motivated person who will do very well in this field.

  • So awesome to be able to learn more about what you’ve been up to! I think it’s awesome that you’re pursuing ESL. Senora Richmond would be so proud 🙂 Bueno Suerte! Wishing you all good things.

  • God Bless You Elizabeth! I really hope you win this scholarship! You more than deserve it and Im glad you are a finalist! Im praying for you and your continued success!!

  • Ellie: The core of every great society has seldom been it’s leaders. It has always rested in the hearts and minds of it’s teachers. Our’s need them now more than ever. Please keep chasing your dream.

  • You have such a passion an heart for teaching and especially for all people. You are truly have a gift from the Lord. You’re hard work and dedication has always inspired me to be a better person. You are beyond deserving!

  • Ellie, has strong convictions, ethics and morals, so many of our youth are lacking in these qualities. Ellie leads by example and her heart is in the right place. She has a passion for work and for those around her. The essay reflects her compassion to improve on the things she can. I hope she wins this scholarship she is most deserving.

  • I think it is amazing how even in this time of transition, you have volunteered your time to immigrants. People like you, who invest their time and energy in those on the margins, are truly deserving of celebration and support. I wish you the best !

  • Ellie Glunk’s passion for teaching English as a 2nd language is so apparent. Her volunteering her time presently & working with refugees and adults is an amazing show of her character. I have seen as a business owner that the old saying “actions speak louder than words” speaks volumes about an individual. I urge those in decision-making to award Ms. Glunk this Scholarship it will return to the community 100 fold. Her reciprocity in giving back to start new programs & to use her acquired knowledge to improve any existing programs will be priceless, and a strong investment for the future.