Diversidad en la Contratación Aumenta las Ventas

Customer bases in the US are becoming more diverse, and quickly. So it is not difficult to figure out that diversity recruitment can help you to boost your sales.

  • Diversity Recruitment studies show that 85% of consumer purchases in the US are made by minority groups (including women). Is your company marketing primarily to young, white males? recruitment of diversity
  • Minorities are the “majority” in six of the eight largest metropolitan areas in the US and in 15 states.
  • Consumer studies show that customer loyalty skyrockets when consumers can see that people serving them literally and figuratively speak their language.
  • A recent AMA study demonstrated that decisions made by executive teams with a broader and more diverse background actually produced higher sales.
  • A recent demographic study found that heterogeneous groups outperform homogeneous groups on tasks requiring creativity or judgmental decision making.” (Anne Tsui / Lessons from Demographic Research)

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