LatPro Announces 2014 Scholarship Finalists – help us choose one winner!

[W]e are proud to announce the seven finalists for the 2014 LatPro Scholarship award, which include future translators, journalists, engineers, art administrators, researchers, and nurses.   We received thousands of exceptional applications, but we feel that these candidates showed the best combination of passion, integrity, and dedication to their chosen fields of study.

Now we need your help in choosing the one scholarship award winner!  The final selection process will involve three different factors:

  1.   outside voting (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media options on the left side of the essays)
  2.   comments left by visitors
  3.   the LatPro Scholarship committee’s scoring of the student’s application and essay

The one winner will be announced on Monday June 30th.  Please help us with our selection by voting for your favorite essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options on the left side of the essays) and by leaving comments or clicking the ‘star’ icon above the comments section.

Tifany Rodriguez, German Studies, Webster University

Tiffany Rodriguez BBI went to London in the United Kingdom in order to improve my English and art skills. There I met people from all over the world. Since then I knew I wanted to study something related to languages and cultures. Afterwards I decided to do an au pair exchange in Germany in order to learn the language and be involved in the German daily life. I knew I wanted to study something related with the German language so I decided to start my undergraduate degree at Webster University.

Click to watch Tifany’s video essay and vote!

Rochelle Valverde, Journalism and Spanish, University of Kansas

Rochelle BBI want to use journalism to have a positive effect. I don’t want to look away; I want to tell the stories with uncomfortable truths. I want my reporting to reflect the diversity of our population by including the underrepresented and marginalized: women, minorities, immigrants, impoverished. I want to practice journalism in the public interest, without political bias or corporate influence. Rather than further alienating opposing groups and polarizing issues, I want my writing to foster the empathy and understanding necessary for cooperation.

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Manuel Julio Esteves, Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University

Manuel Julio Esteves BBAs a child, when people asked what I wanted to be when I grow up I always said “I want to be happy.” After years of hearing this my parents sat down and asked me “what makes you happy?” After we joked about how there isn’t a major for enjoying chocolate or knowing everything about baseball (yet), I thought long and hard. The next phrase that came out set me on course for what will be the remainder of my life. “I love helping people,” I said. That is why engineering seemed like a great choice.

Click to read Manuel’s entire essay and vote!

Teresa Calves, Arts Administration, Teachers College Columbia

Teresa Calves BBMy academic and career path in the theatre arts has been diverse. Yet, it has always been focused on one general goal: to work in theater and support the arts. Through my various roles supporting theaters, play laboratories and production offices, I have been able to make this goal more specific. I feel passionate about introducing theater arts to children, especially children who would not normally be exposed to theater.

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Patrick Mullen, Latino Studies; Romance Languages & Literatures, University of Michigan

Patrick LP BBRomance Languages and Literature is one of my current majors that I’m trying to pursue. I would be doing Spanish and French with that… I’m also hoping to pursue a degree in Latino Studies because I think that through this I can get more of an understanding of the cultural markers, some of the sociological and social movements that I haven’t really been privy to within the past few years…therefore I think I’ll have a better understanding and grounding to frame some of the conversations and some of the processes I’m seeing in the current day.

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Valerie Chavez, Nursing, University of Missouri

Valerie Chavez DJ BBAlthough there are significant responsibilities, I look forward to being able to provide people with the necessary healthcare, comfort, and compassion that every human being deserves. Additionally, being able to assist in caring for people and saving lives would be a dream come true and certainly a way that I could contribute to my community. Getting my nursing degree is my short-term goal but in the long run, I hope to continue my education and become a nurse practitioner. My Hispanic heritage is something I am very proud of and has had a strong influence on my career goals.

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Edwin Giraldo, Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University

Edwin Giraldo LP BBMy interest in mechanics and my fascination for Math coalesced into pursing a Mechanical Engineering degree. Set on my goal, I now had to work hard to make it a reality. Fortunately, my family and I were able to return to America where I could pursue my dreams. Just like the ghost of Christmas, I was ready to take full advantage of my second chance in the United States.

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