Studying computer science and mathematics to give back to society

LP - Peter MahonI had a tough time in middle and high school. My mom found a home cheap enough for her to afford; we were poor, and the school was very middle class. I realized I was really good at mathematics, and eventually, I took some computer science classes that I also enjoyed. I wanted to pursue them further in college, but there was no way my family nor I could afford it. Needing to do something, I enlisted in the Marine Corps for five years (and again for another four). It was refreshing to be with such a diverse group of people — different social classes and ethnicities, people from various areas of the country with unique accents and, in some cases, dialects.

During my first enlistment, I worked on helicopters. It was technical and very demanding. Most importantly, it required me to understand all of the engine, transmission, prop rotor and related systems. When I flew in the aircraft, my job was to troubleshoot – to picture what the problem was and think of all of the ways I could go about repairing it.

When I enlisted a second time, my job shifted to an even more specialized aircraft – the MV-22 Osprey. Essentially, it is a flying computer. The technical knowledge was even more cumbersome than the first, but I excelled at it. I also took on administrative duties. Bored with regular data input, I devised ways to perform the work faster – if I held my mouse in this one spot, hit Tab a few times and then pressed the space bar, clicked where the mouse was, typed a few words and hit Enter, voila! Eventually, I learned macros to expedite my job.

My biggest takeaway from that second enlistment is that I realized I enjoy solving problems and optimizing the way things are done. That is the embodiment of computer science. Furthermore, I believe I will be adding to my toolset of skills thanks to my extensive mathematics background.

When I graduate, I hope to take my skillset and apply it to something that I feel will give back to society. I’m not sure if that’s in biomechanics or health care – I’m not sure where these skills will take me, but I’m ready to take on whatever challenge comes my way.

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