Estudiando mercadeo para darle a su familia una vida mejor

My mother is in marketing. When I was a child, we lived in a very impoverished area, my mother was working a mundane secretary job, and, on weekends, she worked as a bartender at a club. She was constantly gone, trying to provide for my sister and me. She worked her way, with little education, up to the marketing department and continued her way to marketing manager. Because she worked so hard to provide for my sister and me, I want to show her that I can work just as hard to get where I want. My mother inspired me to go into marketing and no one else in this world can inspire me like she did.

Now, I have an opportunity to get an education in a school that has challenged me and given me hope;  perhaps one day I can be in the same position as my mother but without the heartache of seeing my family suffer because of my absence for working two jobs to support them. I have been in the United States Air Force for sixteen years and have had to leave my wife and children six times for deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait (border of Iraq in 2002), and other places I am unable to mention. If I am able to complete my Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, I could use it to provide for my family and not have to leave them for eight months at a time. I have been working towards this degree since 2009 and have had to stop a few times because of hardships and deployments.

I am a mere nine credits away from completing my degree, and to complete it would mean stability, honor, and the ability to show my children that it is never too late to fulfill our dreams. Moreover, the degree will show my children that their father has worked hard through many obstacles in life and in academia, and completed something bigger than himself. I also want my children to use me as a role model of how they should handle school and life; I hope they respect them and give everything they have so they do not have to grow up like me, and also that their children can grow up under better circumstances than those that I gave them.

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