Hispanic Culture at Work – Understanding and Managing Hispanic Employees

As a non-Hispanic employer or manager, you may be wondering how cultural differences might affect your work environment when you bring Latino employees into your organization. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the Hispanic culture, you will be able to better understand and interact with Hispanic staff members, creating a more inclusive and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Indulge me for a moment and let me share my first-hand experience as a bilingual Latino professional. In Guatemala, every workday would begin by doing the rounds at the office: saying hi to everyone, asking about their lives, shaking hands with the guys, and giving a small peck on the cheek to the ladies. If you met someone for the first time, you’d be quite formal, but after this, it was a given that you’d act as I just described.

When I came to the U.S., I had a bad case of “don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.”

On my first day at work, introductions were pretty normal… lots of handshakes and smiles. The following day was when the culture shock began. I walked in and, as I was used to doing, attempted to greet the office receptionist with a peck on the cheek. She swiftly evaded me with a move worthy of Emmett Smith on roller blades. Quite impressive.

I walked further down the hall and greeted my fellow staff members individually. Passing by their offices, I couldn’t help but notice their puzzled expressions. As I was getting settled at my desk, my new boss came into my office. I immediately stood up, walked towards him, and gave him a firm and effusive handshake. My jaw dropped two feet after hearing what came out of his mouth at that moment: “Why are you standing up and shaking my hand? Didn’t we just see each other yesterday?”

I have to confess at first it was somewhat liberating not having to interact with people the way I did back home. But the feeling quickly faded, and I found that I missed that type of connection. I wanted to be more than a co-worker; I wanted to be seen as a real person with a life outside the office, not someone who vanished after 5 p.m. and magically reappeared at 9 a.m. the next day.

While I am aware that this is not the reality in every U.S. workplace, my story serves to highlight some issues your Hispanic staff members may also be facing.

Hispanic Culture at Work: What You Need to Know

  1. Degree of Intimacy – Hispanics innately want to establish a personal connection, including a close relationship with co-workers. It may take some time in a new work environment to learn what is expected, but Hispanic staff members will adapt to a different level of intimacy. Or you may even find your office becoming a closer-knit “family” as you are exposed to a new way of working.
  2. Level of Interaction – Latinos want to get to know others as complete human beings. They are aware that their co-workers have a life after work and are interested in knowing more about it. Small talk is our way of learning about the wants, needs, and feelings of others.
  3. Social Harmony – Hispanic employees don’t like to rock the boat; we have a need to maintain smooth and pleasant relationships. Blatant confrontation does not come naturally to us. I have to admit that I still feel uncomfortable when my fellow non-Hispanic staff members clearly and openly express their disagreement on a given issue. For them, there is no emotion involved in the interaction; it is just a difference in opinion. As a Latino, I prefer to use a more indirect approach.
  4. Personal Contact – In social situations, Hispanics find physical contact with others quite normal. Handshakes, hugs, kisses on the cheek, pats on the back are all part of daily interaction.
  5. Respect for Authority – Hispanic employees tend to treat those in positions of authority with a great deal of respect. Don’t expect us to blurt out our disagreement in front of everyone. If you really want to know what we think on a given issue, get some one-on-one time with us and reassure us that you really need our feedback and are ready to hear it. That’s when you’ll get some frank and useful feedback from us.

Now that you are more familiar with the Hispanic culture, what can you do to relate to your Latino staff and promote an inclusive workplace?

  • Make a conscious effort to recognize your Hispanic employees on a personal level. We will appreciate your effort to make small talk, show us your “unguarded” side, and be down to earth, even if it is only for a short while. If you just can’t do it, acknowledge it. It is much better to admit your discomfort than to create unnecessary friction or misunderstandings.
  • Be ready and willing to shake some hands. Think of yourself as a politician running for office. You’ll get the hang of it and start to enjoy it.
  • Be a leader, not a “boss.” Hispanic employees respond to managers who lead through vision and inspiration, not fear and intimidation. Rather than remain in a negative environment, Latino workers will search for a respectful, collaborative workplace.

I hope that these insights I have shared will help you better relate to your Hispanic employees. Just remember that these are generalizations; the term Latino or Hispanic refers to a very diverse group of individuals. Each person will be influenced by their country of ancestry, country of birth, language of preference, region where they live, years in the U.S., level of acculturation, level of assimilation, income level, and education. As a rule of thumb, the further away your Hispanic employees are from their ancestors that migrated to the United States, the less noticeable these characteristics will be.

It may sound complex, but it really isn’t: there are just as many things that make us similar as there are things that set us apart.

Juan Tornoe


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  • Mr. Tornoe

    I agree with you. Us, latinos like to feel close to co’workers because that means to us be working in a friendly environment. Yes, working in a friendly, close to familiar environment makes us get the best out of us for work and for interaction with others. I think your article is good nurishment for those who want to become strong at creating a beter and productive environment at their companies or at their place of work with latinos. Thank you and congratulations for writing about such an important and realistic issue.

    • I have to learn the hard way, so I have a different approach: do not try to find friends at work!!! I have good co-workers and that’s it!!! I just a worker at my job, unfortunately, there is no time to be forging relationships. I love my culture and I always say that I am not a teacher at work, trying to educate people in my culture. I go to work expecting nothing and I am always satisfied. Just do your work and treat everyone like you like to be treated, but for friends and truly rewarding relationships go to your family or other members of your culture. That is my advice. It has work wonders for me.

  • Great Tips Juan! I’m from Argentina and now I was starting to look for a job outside my country and found this, really interesting and useful, I´ve never gone to USA but I heard that this happens very often, it´s a matter of culture, but at last I hope people can get used to each other 🙂

  • As an employer of 2 Latinos, who are also my brother-in-law and his wife, I have quite a few issues that create problems in our work environment. I am 1st generation American (Western European), plus Old Southern Family, and my husband is LatinoSpanish.
    I have trained my in-laws to perform their responsibilities as we are directed by US and State governmental standards and requirements, but…but…they still want to do many things their own way, from the old country. Ten years of discord, un intended insults (constructive criticism, one on one), has made my life miserable. This work relationship has ruined my marriage, and affects my entire family negatively. Even though my in laws could both now change jobs within our field and make better money and benefits resulting from training them for ten years, and paying for continuing education, they won’t pursue any changes to their status quo. Getting up to speed with required Internet based training creates battles all around. Every change to the way they do things creates traumatic results, but these traumatic results are always exhibited through undercurrents. I am sick of these undercurrents that is breaking apart a lifetime of accomplishments my husband and I have worked hard for, including our eroding relationship. My next plan is to find a psychologist, maybe Latino, but definitely someone “non American” to come in and evaluate our work environment and make “non American ” assessments and suggestions to improve our situation.

    • i think i can understand you very well. i used to be one of the supervisors of two Latinos for almost a year, they were still damaging our products, even after working in company for few months. and one thing that made me mad was when i told them they need to be careful, since they keep making the mistake. but wow, their excuse is, it is normal to damage the product after doing so many of them. and the thing they responsible was to disassemble about 20 desktop computers and unpack about 20 computer box, per day. But almost everyday, 1 to 4 computers would get damaged by them. i was like really? if they were only under me, wont last for a day.

      so in my impression about Hispanic is, they are really not a good rule follower, it doesn’t matter the rule is good or bad, make sense or no. they only follow their own.

      • You are saying “Hispanic” and you put them all together. You should be more conscientious because I could say that American people spend money on cigarettes, alcohol and DRUGS, but it does not mean that all the American people do it. Please have a little respect.

        (Ps, 90% of the American people that I have seen in my country are alcoholics and Drug addicts, and are you one of those?)

      • I agree. I work with Hispanics and most at my place of employment are not good rule followers and are inconsiderate of other workers. They want respect but don’t want to give respect, especially if you are not hispanic. I have not had a hispanic supervisor that wouldn’t hesitate to lie on your to cover their behind.

    • It is sad to see how many of you generalized Hispanics base on one or five Hispanics you have met during your life at work. It’s not fair that your perception toward all Hispanics, after your unpleasant experiences at work, is in a very negative stage. I had encounter so many Americans where before knowing a Hispanic they had already made their own negative judgement about that person. I do agree there are people from another countries that had lived here for more than18 years and had not done any effort to learn the language, or employees that had not try to learn his/her job well during two years, however I had also met Americans where their grammar is awful or what they write do not make sense, but more than anything I had met many Americans that they will said “well if they don’t pay me more, I won’t do the job right’ or “I will not work extra hours.” However I have met lots people from another country and Americans that will do the job not matter what
      My point is I know you can find Hispanic people that can do the job better for you and even better than probably yourself, but we live in a society where we do not want to be less than anybody. I had seen managers not employing people from another country or American because they could be better than themselves, I have seen managers ignored Hispanics or American because they know more than themselves, I had seen managers trying to get Hispanics or American fired because they don’t want them to move up. I had seen managers keeping projects from good and smart Hispanics workers especially because they don’t want Hispanics to move up. I had seen managers no providing good but always bad feedbacks to Hispanics, I had seen managers not providing valuable information to Hispanics for them to do their job well. I had seen managers covering for people that are from their own same-race identification, nationality or just because they are friends. I also had seen that most of the Hispanics are the first one to lose their job when there is a workforce reduction.
      What I don’t see is many Hispanics being managers, moving up, get equal salary and getting raise. Some Americans had set their minds on how the environment at work should be, the same-race identification is more important than the productivity they are trying to achieve.
      I know that if you teach well, give opportunities to the people that want to grow and if they know you have their back, they will be more productive. Be wanted, trusted and heard is very important for anyone, think about the common said “treat others how you want to be treated.” Hispanics want to be wanted, heard and feel they can thrust their boss. We are not baits or the failure of your projects. If you want to keep someone ignorant they will be ignorant, don’t waste your time by employing grate people and them finding ways to later making them to look bad. But also don’t keep either Hispanics, people from other countries or even American in the company that don’t want to do their job correctly or do not want to move up, we all know this is not a cultural thing but an issue that all companies will experience and by the way the worst people to work for you, most of the time, is your own family, we all know that. I know you can find good Hispanics and Americans or people that are from another countries that will love to do the job.
      Sometimes we ignore the big picture, most of the time we ignore the people that are making you look good as a manager or the people that are going to make a big contribution to your company. Most of the time this people are the minority and are afraid to talk. Also sometimes the people the works the most are overlooked. Talk to your workers, especially the minorities groups (Hispanics, African Americans, Native Indians, Aged workers vs young workers, People from other countries, single-parents etc.) you’ll probably learn something. We are not all perfect.

      • As long as u got Hispanics getting MORE welfare & social srvcs than AMERICANS ur not gonna get the respect u think yall deserve. (Check the stats 2 verify). I thought most if yall that come here just wanna earn an honest living & found out thats not true @ all. Most of yall r here illegally & use ur ” ANCHOR ” babies 2 get FREE U.S. srvcs. No race or group of people including yall ( if ur honest) wants 2 be Invaded by people coming Legally Or Illegally in there area taking opptys from them. So dont EVER expect 2 be welcomed w/ open arms here. And im not a trump supporter but i feel strongly about what im saying. Ive lived in other countries & Americans dont get no priorities or welcome mats. So neither should yall. Especially when u dont even wanna become a citizen.

        • If you check the statistics, White American people are number one in taking Welfare benefits (check the stats, please). Always spreading disinformation about immigrants. The number one committing crimes here are Americans of any color, check the stats please. People of Spanish speaking countries, generally, comes here to work. The criminals from Spanish speaking countries are just a small number. How an illegal immigrant can have access to Welfare??? That is a lie. The system is rigged to benefit Americans and they DO benefit very well from it…..again, please check the stats.

      • This is complete and total XXXXX. From my experience dealing with Hispanics in the work place is that THEY are the ones who will only promote or hire other Hispanics. Just pay attention to any retail or fast food business… if you get a Hispanic manager in there they will ONLY hire other Hispanics. And any group that refers to themself as “the race” or “la raza” and thinks that is ok is flat out wrong. They come here and want to take advantage of everything America has to offer but then they wave another country’s flag (Mexico) on US soil. If you’re so proud of being Mexican then GO LIVE IN MEXICO! You don’t see German, UK, French, Chinese immigrants waving their former country’s flag here.

        • True. If a company hired Hispanic/Latino supervisor, you can find that 98% of other staff are the same. They openly speak that American white take drugs, that it’s just normal to work among people of the same culture/race. They actively mob out white people via stealing, harassing, refusing in supplying information. Everywhere like this. In every company with Hispanic/Latino supervisors.

          They hate rules, they take their home to work, they do poor quality, they consider themselves like charming hard-working people.

        • I don’t know which rock you’ve been living under, but people from Germany, UK, France, China – ALL live in ethnic communities in the US. So they DO wave their country’s flag on US soil. The only difference is that they are some shade of white and Latino’s aren’t. Although I’ve met Latino’s that are as white as I am…

          People from the UK live in gated communities that only allow Brits (all over the world). Germans generally tend to strongly dislike Americans…and so on and so forth. You would know this if you got out into the world a bit and stopped being so close minded!

          Besides, talking about Mexico…USA stole lands from Mexico! States like Texas, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah etc. used to belong to Mexico up until 1845, which is when the US stole those lands from Mexico via all kinds of deceitful ways. Historically, Mexicans have more rights to be in the US than most of Americans do.

          We all bring unique skills to the labour market, and if you went to another country in the world, tell me, wouldn’t you be telling EVERYONE that you’re American? Wouldn’t that constitute as waving YOUR flag in that country???

          Historically, we’re all migrants, no matter where we are or where we live. It is wrong to be so judgemental and un-accepting of anyone else that isn’t you or doesn’t conform to your personal standards.

        • I have noticed that about hiring their own but then again, what white dude would work for a mexican? I think thats why you only see hispanics or white women working for a mexican, or any other minority really. Its one of those self fullfiling stereotypes.

      • I’m not sure what grammar has to do with the work environment as a whole. Your grammar has many mistakes. Understandingly, English is not your first language, so variations from how you have been taught may confuse you. I am learning Espainol, and some of my co-workers are from different countries, and nany of them have different dialects. Sometimes their words doesn’t seem correct.

    • These people are like that.they are very stubborn and want to do things their way even if they are wrong.oh yea many want to be the Main boss and call shots. Even when their job status doesn’t align

  • We are not supposed to adopt ourselves to their culture, they need to adopt themselves to the culture of where they are moving to.

    Respect? Respect in Latino’s culture is far beyond others, what you need to do as a respect to satisfy them at workplace is called “baby-sitting” in other cultures. I’m saying this as a supervisor of like 5+ of them.

    • I agree w/ u Alan on the part in particular u said abt them needing to adapt to ” our” culture if they want our jobs. Ive lived in their countries & u most times u have to speak “English” to work there, u speak there native tongue & qualify no ” BI-LINGUAL” ness needed.

  • I agree with most of what you said in this piece however, make emphasis that these may be the behaviors of most of the Latinos/Hispanos but not the only behavior!! Some people tend to generalize immediately.

    Also, respond to Alan, poor soul. NO ONE is saying that the US people must adopt to our culture!! (Although they would be happier is they do!!) However, it is important as human beings, and it’s helpful for you to learn about the culture of other people.
    – The “US culture, first is not one, not unique either, ” and you can see that you still have serious problems in relating to one another just because of race!!
    – It will help you expand your knowledge about other people’s culture. We can learn a lot from one another if we do the effort. Sorry Alan, you have an ignorance of what’s culture and how is it good for your soul and your being to learn about other people’s. It should be mandatory in high school to learn about different culures of the world. The US people would be much richer as persons and have a positive feelings about the new people entering the country.
    – Also remember US native! We immigrants came here because YOU, YOUR GOVERNMENT, was in our countries, training our military to be ready to support the dictators that YOUR US REPRESENTATIVES have selected to govern so they could get our natural resources and destroy our economies. Then when the people rebels they immediately label them comunists!!
    -US people has been brain washed and they believe everything what the gov, CIA, military tell them using all the media corporations! Very few try to get to the thruth but if they get it they are treated as “spies”, and other labels. I don’t remember the name of the author of a book entitled “If Americans would know!” She is a US native who can tell you more of what I would say and she’s not a spy! (At least, they haven’t labeled her like that!) The book tells you what “horrid things the US representatives did and do in our countries, and then complain that we come here! I AM HERE BECAUSE NIXON, KISSINGER AND THE CIA WERE IN CHILE! THEY DESTROYED OUR DEMOCRACY TO GET THE COPPER AND OTHER MINERALS AND TO AVOID THAT THE REST OF THE LATINAMERICAN COUNTRY COULD FOLLOW OUR EXAMPLE: A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY THAT FOLLOWING CONSTITUTION ELECTED A SOCIALIST MARXIST PRESIDENT AND HAD PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS PEOPLE.

    I know that my comment is long however, it needed to be told. For all the Alans of the country please make an effort, travel overseas, people are different, USA is NOT THE DEMOCRACY OF THE WORLD. People dies of hunger in the richest country of the world! US government sends trillions of dollars to intervene in other countries that have not done anything against USA! BUT THEY CAN’T SPEND MORE MONEY ON FOOD FOR ITS PEOPLE!! What a shame!

    • Slow down, too long for me to respond all, just to make it short; I am not a native American, I moved 4 years ago from Iran, Just because of poor culture and etc there and I adopt myself real quick and moving on. Anything media describing about there is CORRECT and even real thing is worst.

      By the way’ if you’d like to have little bit of advancement in your life and work, STOP blaming others for your problems’ every country is built based on their own people not governments not USA not CIA. Wake up!

      • Hi Alan
        I work with almost 20+ people from Middle East and gess what most of their english is not that good but you know I managed. I help them sometimes as well as my Hispanics co-workers. However I used to have a manager that was from the Middle East and he/she was very nice to people from Middle East in our office but very unkind to others. She eventually was fired. I don’t feel like I’m baby seating when I’m helping, I always feel they are a blessing for me because I’m becoming a better person.They are wonderfull people. Please don’t generalize. There are some people that just want to see what is convinient for them.

    • If u think that the US exploited ur country then that should be the SOLE reason y u should stay the hell where ur at & rebuild from within!! What kinda B.S. logic is that for coming here & joining the problem ? Build ur own military & regain what u think is yours like anybody else does. The people united will never be defeated. Just like yall conspire to come here take that same energy & determination to reclaim what you CLAIM is rightfully yours in ur country. Its as simple as that or put ur dukes up & be prepared to fight to the bitter & brutal end some Americans that going for that lame excuse that ur giving to justify Invading All our territories because of what some did you thru the military. Go to war if u think youve been injusticed!!.

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  • I am Mexican but I do not feel completely identified with this profile, which I am aware is only a generalisation ( I feel uncomfortable with the average degree of intimacy, interaction and physical contact). However, in this profile I can see many of my coworkers. I guess culture varies significantly within latino countries, cities, towns, and families. But culture should not be an excuse to behave improperly, break the rules, or expect everyone be like you or even like you. In the working place immigrants should adapt to the average or standard culture of that same working place, especially when it comes to productivity or work ethics.
    But it is also important for bosses and managers to know their employees and be sensitive about their cultures because they’re humans and not robots. Mutual knowledge facitilates understanding and makes work more enjoyable (something essential for productivity).
    Bottom line: be nice to latinos but take no sh**** from them. If you have to baby sit them you’d better hire someone else. And please, be aware that not all latinos are the same.

    • All of you that have made non intellligent comments will never change not matter how much education you may have. Have any of you seen the movie calledd “The day after tomorrow”? If you have remember the end of the movie when the United States needed help from Mexico:. Well that will happen one day in the future…..and my response is “I would not let any U.S. citizen cross the river becuase they would be considered illegal aliens. Funny huh…….. People it is called “respect for humanity”. Humans fight for the wrong things, look at our planet it is dying. Humanity is dying…….but no people are so blind to see what is really important. Oh yes, ask yourself what if it was me that wanted a better life? What would you do if you were born in poverty (including people from the US) and you were treated unhumane?
      I call it ingornance…….think about what you think before opening your mouth…..

  • Wow, I just read some of the replies here and my thoughts echo what a lot of others have said, including about my own Americans. I will start with the Americans, someone complained about the cigarettes and drugs and they are right; I hire Latinos because I don’t want a bunch of white trash standing around smoking. Let me cut in with something else, most of the time when a work relationship ends with a Latino, I am in no rush to get the keys to the shop back; I never feel as though they will steal. I recently rehired a guy part time and when he said I don’t have the keys any more, I told him YOU were the one who wanted to return them.

    But about some of the other stuff. They break things all the time. They are head strong with tools and destroy a lot of stuff. Of course, it is always the tools fault.

    They are resistant to adopting things in our culture and can be downright rude. And in doing so, can be quite racist. They can be racist towards Americans which sucks.

    And manners, what manners? Put that on the road behind the wheel of a car and the “the tool did it” attitude and you have a bully operating a 3500 lb vehicle while taking the responsibility of a 5 year old child.

    Folks, if you know Latinos, you know what I am talking about. If you think I am racist, you have no idea what they are like.

    In their defence, after years of having to deal with them I have figured why Europeans are able to grasp things faster and with less effort; in America and Europe, we have had standing armies and have fought wars for centuries, almost every generation. When one’s father, grandfather, and great grand father serve in the military, some sort of skills and structure get learned and passed along. If you do not pick up these skills in a war like environment, guess what, you die.

  • I’m hispanic but I find other hispanics quite annoying.sorry, but I wouldn’t mind “small talking” if it wasn’t then used against me to then go and gossip it to the whole circle of Hispanics that dont need to also know it.worse yet.I also don’t like how many want to know your business just to use it at a later date for envy and jealousy. It can be as simple as knowing how to speak English ok that causes the foreign born Mexicans to be jealous of a fellow Mexican American.

    • When you say foreing born Mexican, don’t you mean just Mexican, how can you be foreing if you are from that country, also tje correct term would not be American of Mexican decent if it eas born in the U.S.

  • I strongly disagree. Working amongst Hispanics or Latinos is the worst experience ever. Worst if you do not speak their language. They stab you in the bavk and lie. You being a friendly person, they will want to know your business and hey, you wish to be cordial, but not all your personal life. You folks can be mean. Had 2 experiences and they were bery much similar.

  • Hello Juan–

    You have helped me so much in your article, and ease my disturbing mind of hispanic culture and differences. Today I had a big challenge at work and you have cleared my mind of disconnect in my workplace for some miscommuncations between my hispanic colleague. Thank you so much!

  • This is a very old article. 2013. Times have changed. Where I am employed is probably 80 % Hispanic. Mostly millennials. This entire list is non-existent in a 2018 world and actually there is much discrimination towards non-Hispanics.

  • Is true
    Also the problem is to get promotions you see how others are getting promoted like twice in 1-2 years and then when you ask they say they ate reviewing it and like for 3 months
    It is very sad all the things we have to go throught to be recognized or consideted

  • Hola soy iron worker rebar steel reingforcing busco empleo o contratista tengo mi pasaporte vigente hablo inglés

  • I am a man who moved from the Midwest to Florida. At one company I was employed I found the ettiquite of the “Spanish” speaking people to be very annoying after a while, to the point that I became pissed off. This is an international company with a larger than medium factory and lab building, and it seemes the ratio of “foreign” employees is in excess of 80%. Where people are from doesn’t bother me. It’s the spanish conversations going on around me all day long every day. I could be sitting in a room and every person spoke their spanish regardless that they know how to speak English. They’re rude exceptionally. Even if I was having a conversation with someone in a small group they’d speak Spanish to each other while speaking English to me. Totally pathetic. And “exclusive” environment.
    Every day the Spaniards would smooch all over each other in greetings but a white guy got ignored. Truthfully as trigger sensitive women in the workplace are these days I believe I couldn’t predict the reaction I would receive, being positive or negative if I tried kissing a spanish woman in greeting, but let me go try that on the white or black woman nearby and I think I know how that would go. Negative.
    This is a problem as I perceive it, plus a bit unprofessional. When in Spain do as Spaniards. When in mainland USA do as mainland USA’s.

  • Oh, how I wish what you said were true for most Latinos I have worked with. They are people who I would like to like for all the stereotypical reasons you listed above but I’ve found those stereotypes not to be true.. I would love to have warm, caring Latino co workers to greet me in caring ways every day like you described. The Latinos I have worked with will snatch stuff out of your hands, call you a dumb American under their breath, tell on you, raise their voice at you and do their damndest to run you out of the work place. I am not the only person I know with this experience. I am of Greek descent in a rural white area where everyone has blue eyes or blonde or red hair. I’ve always felt like a outsider even though I was born and raised here. When Latino men first came here in the mid 90s , I was glad to see someone who kinda looked like me. When the women came a few years later, the entire group seemed more standoffish and down right hostile and racist. I am a warm hearted, generous, caring and physical person, a typical Mediterranean. I have met a few Latinos like that but not in a long time. I would love to have friends in this sea of whiteness that I have found cold and excluding to me. I hoped to have Latino friends who were like I am, but no they are only warm to each other. A word to the wise, alot of this anti immigration stuff and anti Latino stuff is being brought on themselves by themselves. I’ve seen Americans bend over backwards to be respectful and friendly in the workplace only to have those same Latinos be rude and cause trouble for them. I think negative work place experiences with Latinos has caused Americans to vote for people like Trump.

  • I think you need to seperate latinos and not lump them all together.

    I lived in costa rica and the nicaraguans that did the menial were among the kindest people i dealt with…i am one of those dirty white gringos.

    Now i do have to agree with many here…the quality of work by mexican workers is shoddy…and they hate being supervised by a white gringo..they hate me because i am white..

    I say this as a white guy with a bi racial Colombian girlfriend…i have traveled all of latin america…i never experienced the hatred from other latinos that i experience from mexicans…the women are worse…also mexicans are not very well liked in latin america…especially in brasil and Argentina

  • I have worked with Hispanics in many different fields during my working existence over the past 40 years. I have encountered many types of personalities in all races and creeds and genders. There is an old saying that “birds of a feather flock together”, and perhaps a comfortableness with similar cultures makes it easier for work friendships to be created. I have worked with Hispanic men and women who immediately welcomed me into the fold (in food service, customer service, and administrative), as well as those who have shunned me from the start irregardless of my professionality. In regards to the last situation, that was their issue, and I wasn’t so overly sensitive that I had to make a fuss about it. When it was time for me to move on, I knew it, and left them with their Karma. But for those who went out of their way to mentor me and treat me like a colleague rather than an interloper, we all learned from each other: about our cultures, about our differences, and developed a common respect. Certainly, there were “güero” and “gringo” jokes, and often I laughed with them. I also made it clear in a kind way when I felt it went too far or when I felt I was being dis-included. When these work relationships turned into friendships, I found myself welcomed into their families as if I was one of them. Some relationships are meant to be, and some jobs are meant to last for a long time, while others are not. That is just life.

  • I disagree. I worked in a School. I worked for a Hispanic boss, and the majority of the employees were hispanic.
    I am not and noticed alot of prejudice towards me. My office was moved with out consulting me, into a closet when I came back from summer break. I never had a telephone hooked up after asking for it for a whole year. When I would send my boss emails, she ignored them. Once I was accused by a coworker and reported for what she said was “disrespect”. This was a hispanic coworker that reported me, because I said, “no I can’t get to that right now, but I will do it as soon as I can.” I was also reported by a student’s mother because she was at her child’s Doctor for an immunization and called last minute requesting I fax the immunization record. When I told her I had 4 sick students in my office and I would not be able to do it for at least 20 minutes, she reported me for being disrespectful and rude. The point is, she could have called a few days ahead of her appointment and given me the time to comply to her request. I also find this culture, especially the women to be very self-centered, ignorant, rude, and disrespectful. On top of that, they are into drama. It was not a pleasant experience and I was there for 3 years