Hoping to serve as a doctor in a rural, underserved community

I intend to graduate with a B.S. degree in Biology with an emphasis in physiology and a B.A. degree in Education, Communities, and Organizations from the University of Washington-Seattle Campus. My plans after college are to apply to medical school, with the hope of one day serving a rural, underserved community. I have chosen this combination of majors because biological science and learning theory deeply intrigue me. Learning about bringing equity into communities and being able to bring in my science background to this experience would be eye-opening and rewarding. I hope to put all the lessons learned into practice in my future career as a physician. As a doctor, I would love to work with children. Knowing how to work with them and being able to relate to their everyday life is something I aspire to do successfully.

I experienced firsthand a need for Hispanic and Spanish-speaking doctors in my home community. While accompanying my mom, who struggles with the English language, to our local Union Gospel Mission medical center, I noticed how the doctors struggled to communicate with their predominantly Hispanic patients. Shortly after that encounter, I started volunteering as a medical translator twice a week at the UGM medical center. A physician who can speak their patients’ first language and empathize with their adversities is critical to helping patients of all cultures feel comfortable while receiving medical care. These experiences have led me to understand the critical role of doctors and their potential to positively impact a patient’s life and to further confirm and gain confidence in my interest in pursuing a medical career.

The phrase “carrying books is easier than carrying rocks” has an edge of truth in my family’s life. I am an immigrant and a first-generation college student. I have learned that despite the background you come from, your dreams and goals can come true if you have the willpower to make them happen. Your own hard work and perseverance, mixed with a positive attitude, are key to making them a reality. I carry this knowledge close to my heart, not only in respect to my education but also in every aspect of my life. That is why I believe that as a college student I can thrive in a new environment that is both educationally and culturally enriching while also contributing to it. I would benefit greatly from this scholarship. Your contribution would eliminate the mental and financial stress of paying for tuition, housing, and books so I could contribute to my fullest potential to my campus. Thank you for your consideration.

We are proud to announce Sharon Perez Solorio is one of the current LatPro Scholarship finalists. Vote for her essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column) and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.

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  • I can see the potential of Sharon! She’s going to do great things and is organized with how she’s going to do it.

    • In knowing Sharon I can tell she truly loves what she does and cares for the people she meets. She is someone who will always do their best and more. Please consider her for this scholarship, it would really help her in pursuing her goals.

  • Sharon is one of the most hardworking and driven people I know at UW! She makes such a large impact on UW and I cannot wait to see the big projects she accomplishes in the future within the medical field.

  • I can see that Sharon will have a great future in this career, loving what she wants to do could help any person in the community.

  • I’ve had the honor of sharing a class with Sharon and becoming one of her colleagues, and I can say with absolute confidence that she can achieve any goal she sets her mind to. Sharon has a deep love for her culture and a profound selflessness to serve others. Easy to get along with, and full of kindness and humor, she will be an amazing doctor. Investing in her now, you won’t be disappointed in seeing how much she will go onto to accomplish.

  • Sharon is driven in her studies and passionate about medicine. She would be an excellent choice for a recipient of this scholarship!

  • Sharon is one of the kindest and most intelligent people I’ve had the privilege to meet. She is hard working, taking on multiple science classes on at a time and she is intentional, always remembering and knowing her hard work is for a cause she truly believes in: bringing medicine to those who need it, but can’t afford it. She has the mental capability and the heart to reach her goals; without a doubt, I know she will make the most of this scholarship.

  • The desire to learn and the work ethic that Sharon carries with her is standard setting! Not only for me but for other peers and family members. Her pride in her beliefs and her willingness to succeed is something that drives her forward everyday. She is a highly qualified person to overcome obstacles at such young age due to her maturity and critical thinking skills that allow her to choose the best path for her and her future.

  • Because of her commitment, dedication, passion, and intelligence, Sharon is a fantastic investment for this scholarship!! I can’t wait to see what she adds to her accomplishments as she continues on her educational and career path.

  • In the past three years I’ve known Sharon as a classmate and a great friend. She has a combination of ambition and integrity that I’ve never seen in anyone else; I know she’ll go far and remain true to what she cares about. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this scholarship or more capable of turning it into a really amazing future.

  • Sharon is such a hard worker and her career path is proof of that and her amazing passion of serving others!

  • I’ve known her for a year and I know she has such a high desire to give back to her community. I give her my highest recommendation.

  • Intelligent, driven, and passionate. An enthusiastic teacher, a kind classmate, and friend. If anyone deserves this, it’s Shannon.

  • I have come to know Sharon this past year as an incredibly driven young woman whose passion for medicine is evident from the first few moments of ever meeting her. She possesses a level of tenacity that enables her to pursue research, coursework, and everything in between until she has achieved any goal she has set. Investing in Sharon’s future with this scholarship would be an incredible investment in a better world.

  • Rural areas are in dire need for physicians who are bilingual, hardworking, and enthusiastic. Sharon meets all the qualities, she can speak both English and Spanish, she has the work ethic to demonstrate that she is capable of accomplishing her tasks, and above all she deeply cares for those she works with and is enthusiastic while doing so.

  • Sharon is the nicest big sister that I’ve ever met, and she always makes people around her feel inclusive! She’s hardwiring and has passion in medicine; I know she would be the best person to receive this scholarship!

  • Sharon has an extraordinary work ethic that will allow her to continue to persevere at the University of Washington, at medical school, and when faced with challenges in a rural underserved community. She also emits a pure sense of compassion that will inevitably help her in protecting and healing her patients. Please be the difference maker in allowing Sharon to achieve her dreams.

  • Sharon is the type of hard working and caring individual we would all want as a physician in our communities. I believe she, with her fantastic work ethic and determination, would be a fantastic and deserving recipient of this award.

  • Sharon is a very dedicated, hard working person. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of a scholarship.

  • I have the pleasure of having know Sharon for quite a while. Sharon is an excellent, and dedicated person whom always give it her hardest when it comes to education, and pretty much anything that would help her in reaching her goal. I believe that receiving this scholarship would help her extrememly in fulfilling the goal of making the Yakima Valley a better place, and making health care easier for everyone to get!

  • Sharon’s patience and compassion is infectious. She is an inspiration to me and other fellow peers to be the best we can be and to work hard to accomplish our goals. She is an incredible woman and will make a huge impact in the lives of many people and the world.

  • I have known Sharon for multiple years and I can honestly say I have never met someone with her drive and her passion. She sets goals and does everything she can to meet them AND surpass them. She is very smart and there is no doubt in my mind that she will succeed in life.

  • Sharon’s actions show how much of kind and generous person she is! She would be a perfect fit for this scholarship.

  • Getting to know Sharon this past year as both a classmate and a friend, I have come to realize that she is one of the kindest people I have met. Her friendly personality shows how much she cares about those around her, and her beautiful smile lights up the entire room. But most of all, I admire her ability to persevere in the face of challenges. She never backs down from a problem, and makes sure to always give her best effort in all that she does. Sharon is also extremely dedicated, working hard to pursue her passion in the medical field. I can say wholeheartedly that Sharon deserves this scholarship and will definitely put it to good use.

  • Sharon and I grew up in the same city, but 50 miles apart. This school year I had the honor to meet a compassionate, driven, and young scholar. She has ice in her veins. Whenever you need a performer when everything is falling apart, Sharon is there to perform. The best memory of Sharon was her presenting her science presentation even when the projectors failed to change slides. Instead of crumbling, she stood tall and delivered a great oral presentation.

  • Sharon is a very hard working and deserving student. I am really amazed by all of the potential she shows as I work alongside her as a peer. She inspires and motivates me to do well in my studies, and I know that she will do great things in the medical field. In my mind there is no better candidate for this scholarship than Sharon.

  • Sharon is a focused hard working student very worthy of a scholarship. She set a goal to be a doctor when she was a young girl. Her dual language skills would be an asset in multicultural settings. Therefore, she has my A+ vote!

  • I have known Sharon since she was in kindergarten. Her desire to succeed and academic record is inspirational. I can not think of anyone more deserving of a scholarship!

  • Sharon is most deserving than anyone, at her age she’s accomplished more than the average teenager. She’s dedicated to what she loves and hopes to reach her goal, becoming a doctor. Her personality lifts spirits and her positivity is moving. Choosing Sharon for your scholarship guarantees your money in good useful hands, helping ease the stress of the typical college student struggle.

  • Sharon es una gran chica entusiasta,emprendedora,muy responsable,apasionada por lo q hace, q tiene mucho q dar, tiene muchas metas y todo lo hace con mucha pasión, yo se q lo va lograr porq sabe lo q quiere.Dios te bendiga.

  • I’ve known Sharon for three years and I haven’t seen any other student with so much determination to reach her goals. By investing the financial assistance this scholarship to Sharon’s education, I know she will be closer to achieving her goal as a physician and to be able to give back to her community is a huge accomplishment. It’s something her community really needs. I wish Sharon Perez the very best in her education.

  • Sharon deserves to get this scholarship and is driven in anything she does. Sharon is such a hard worker and necessary in the medical field where there is a lack of physicians who are people of color. Systematically, health care has not catered to people of color and supported them with the resources needed for centuries. That is why we need critical physicians like Sharon who not only understand the struggle but genuinely care about working in solidarity with underserved communities.

  • The medical field needs more people like Sharon who want to serve rural, underserved communities with compassion. She is a great fit for this scholarship!

  • Sharan is one of the most driven students I have met thusfar in my life. Her story is genuine and one that motovates her towards greatness, I have no doubt that she will accomplish what she sets out to do and any scholarship money that can aid in her journey would thaan investment in society as well as her as an individual, because she makes a difference in the communities she is a part of.

  • Sharon’s incredible determination, perseverance, positive mindset and helping approach for the society will make her successful and standout of the crowd. I wish her good luck and you are the deserved candidate to receive this scholarship and rural community will indeed get benefited by brilliant doctors like you!

  • Sharon is one of those rare individuals, who embodies that well-rounded student who excels academically while balancing extra-curricular activities and social relationships. Sharon has been active citizen in her community and clearly has a passion to help underserved communities.

    I quickly grew to know Sharon as a dedicated student who tackles challenges with an exceptional drive and positive attitude. She knows how to use her resources and is quick to help others. There is no doubt that Sharon will continue her activities throughout the community as she continues her academic career. She is a natural leader, both in the classroom and out.

    Through the support of this scholarship Sharon will be able to show her community that with determination one can accomplish anything.

    I have no doubt Sharon will dedicate her career to serve marginalized communities. Please extend Sharon your highest consideration for this scholarship. She will be a positive steward of the funds and uphold the integrity of this prestigious award.

  • What else can I say about Sharon that hasn’t already been said. Yes, Sharon is “hard-working,” “dedicated,” “involved,” “caring,” etc. However, these words only tell you what Sharon is doing but they do not tell you the reasons why. I have been fortunate enough to observe and learn why Sharon works so hard to make great strides in Academia, Research, and Voluntary Work in the last three years.

    When you read about most Pre-Med students in America they will sound almost identical to Sharon. Yet not all will be immigrant students, less will be first-generation college students from rural areas, even less will be the eldest Mexican sister of five male siblings. Being the only daughter Sharon was born with a large responsibility raising three young boys while her parents labored in the orchards. She accomplished this all the while completing honors courses and college level courses before the age of eighteen. Which displays her ability to overcome adversity, her ability to have patience with not only herself but to show compassion when others have lost patience with themselves. Sharon is always willing and able to extend herself to others whenever they are in need. She will always calculate her decisions before execution.

    I know Sharon will accomplish her goals in becoming a physician, educator, and inspiration not only because she possesses all these qualities. I know she will succeed because she does all this simply because she saw the need of, not only Spanish-speaking physicians, but physicians who have can empathize with all immigrants as a child.

  • There is not a doubt in my mind that Sharon deserves this scholarship. She is a selfless, hardworking, intelligent woman perfect for the career that she articulated. I can personally attest to the fact that Sharon has had this goal for a number of years, and I do not see her being content until it is achieved. I highly recommend Sharon Perez for the LatPro scholarship. The money will be far from wasted.

  • Sharon has an incredible passion for serving and helping others. She has always been a super hardworking student. I have no doubt that Sharon will achieve her goals and that she will make a positive impact upon the lives of so many. I highly recommend Sharon as the recipient of this scholarship.

  • I’ve known Sharon for a while now and from what I know of her is that she is a hard dedicating woman that strives for success. She sets her goals and make sure she meets them. Whenever I’ve encountered her, she’s working on-stop that she never gets a break. When I first met Sharon, she didn’t think twice to help me out on material. Not only did she demonstrate that on me but to others as well. She is great recipient for this scholarship!

  • Sharon is a passionate student who is not afraid to tackle difficult questions and understand new material. She always comes in with a smile and a positive attitude that makes a wonderful working environment. I hope she receives this scholarship!