Mihaela Lara, studying Nursing, is a LatPro Scholarship Finalist

[P]eople experience things in their lives that shape their characters, help them discover new roles within them, and lead them towards certain professions. I grew up with an ill father that required great care. I played an important role in promoting his health by creating a safe environment around him, by planning his diets, or simply by assisting him with any physical activities he had to perform. I alleviated his suffering and helped him to recover from surgeries. I always strived to achieve the best quality of life for him, but unfortunately, he passed away. This experience opened my eyes towards a new goal. I learned that I possess nurturing qualities, but education is the last piece of the puzzle. 

I came to the United States six years ago with limited English knowledge, but lots of ambition and desire in reaching my goal. Two qualities that strongly define me are patience and persuasion. Patience brought me to fluency in English, and persuasion encouraged me to continue my path in reaching my professional aspiration. I have two kids now, and even if my time was often limited, I never ceased my education. In addition, I offered my time and skills to places where I volunteered. One of the places was Ronald McDonald House. Volunteering highlighted even more my personal motivation in becoming a nurse. 

Limited English knowledge, raising two kids while in school and working at night, as a server, constitute obstacles that I’m still fighting to overcome. The fact that I was accepted at the University of Arizona College of Nursing is the greatest thing that could have happened to me. I feel proud to know that I can study in other language and that I can graduate with a nursing degree. A degree in nursing will not only bring pride to me, but also to my family. I cannot imagine how happy my father could have been to see me graduating from an American University. 
I strongly believe that I am a valuable asset to the College of Nursing, and ultimately to this society, due to my intellectual qualities, impeccable morals and remarkable inner qualities. 
With all these being said, I greatly hope that you will consider my application for a scholarship, and I promise you that the money that you invest in me will not only help me reach my goal, but the goal of many others!

Thank you!’s scholarship program is proud to announce Mihaela Lara as one of the finalists for its December 2012 application deadline. Vote for her essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column), click the ‘star’ just above comments section below, and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.

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  • As a mom, I am so proud to know that my daughter is among the 9 finalists! I am one of the people that knows how much she worked to be where she is. I’ve always appreciated her courage, ambition and deep desire to be in the service of others. Her dad would be as proud as I am to see her achievements and appreciation by others! Thank you for your sincere intention in helping students to reach their educational goals! God bless you!

  • You deserve this more than anyone, Oana. All your hardwork and patience will definitely pay off! I’m proud of you! Good luck!

  • I know Oana for a few years now and I am impressed by her accomplishments
    in education and family. She loves and cares about her family and she has
    worked very hard to succeed in her professional education. Being a foreign
    graduate student myself I know how hard one need to work to achieve his/her
    goals. Keep the good work up Oana! You deserve the best!

  • I know Oana Michaela since we were kids, we grew up together in the same neighborhood at home, In Romania. Coming from a numerous family and with an ill father , she, as the older one in her family had to take care of and assist her mother in taking care of all the other kids in the family, Oana has been fighting to overcome all these and be where she is today. She has been working her way up and bringing herself up , continuously, her quench for knowledge was never put off, her ambition should be an example to all of us.I highly recommend OANA MICHAELA for this scholarship, she will be an asset for the University of Arizona and the institution that she will work for, after she graduates,

  • Oana Lara has devoted her life here in the United States to supporting her family and raising two beautiful daughters. She is a determined woman that has always been eager to learn and expand her plethora of knowledge. Her giving personality is always matched with her genuine smile and charming eccentricities. She has such promising potential, it is humbling to see her pursue her dream and I cannot think of a woman more deserving for such a scholarship. I am very proud to be her colleague and am excited for the great achievements she will accomplish in her life. Kindest Regards and Best Wishes for Oana Lara.
    -Nick Carrillo

  • I have known Oana Lara for close to 10 years now and if anyone is deserving of this scholarship it is her! She is incredibly giving in addition to being amazingly ambitious and hard working. She has my vote!

  • I know Oana and her dad that passed away. He was a good man! I’m sure he would be so happy for her! She deserves the scolarship!

  • I believe with all my heart that Oana is the person who deserves the scholarship. She is a great woman, mother, friend and a very hard working person…and loves her carrier. Good luck Oana.! Te-am pupat!!!

  • I have known oana lara for about 6months, those six months would be great experienced to be work with her because she is approachable, friendly and hard-working….
    Oana you difinitely deserve this scholarship…. We believing you.. Remember Filipino interns will love you always…

  • I volunteered with Oana at the Ronald McDonald House. She has shown a great passion to helping others and is a great candidate for this scholarship.

  • I am so grateful that God has put this person in my life. She worked full-time and tended to our two young children, while I finished my dream of going to law school. Oana did all that while taking the necessary prerequisites to attend nursing school. She is a dedicated student, a loving mother, a caring wife, and hard working employee. Oana has overcome so much to be at this point in her life and she is more than deserving of the LatPro scholarship!!!!

  • I met Oana when I was about 16. She could not speak English then. However, I met her again a year later and she spoke fluent English.
    She proved that she is very bright and persistent by attaining such an achievement. Then she reached many more accomplishments in life. They will illuminate the fact that she is very smart and accomplishes anything she endeavors to achieve.

  • Oana is one of the most strong-willed people I have ever known.She has worked so hard all these years on her professional assessment so this scholarship would be a real reward to her.She really deserves it.Good luck ! May your dream come true!

  • Congratulations!!! I am privileged Rio be your friend. You are so motivated and dedicated. You will achieve much in life.

  • Oana
    you should get the scholarship! You have been a great cousin, listening
    to me when i had problems, helping me when i needed help. You have all
    the qualities to be a great nurse! I am so proud of you!

  • O know Oana since she was born. She was still young and she was helping around the house. She was barely 5 and she was trying to do the dishes. Her father spent a great part of his life in multiple hospitals until he passed away, but Oana was always next to her mom, supporting her. Oana took great care of her father while he was alive and I know she will take good care of the people around her when she will bacome a nurse. This scholarship will help her to persue her dream, so don’t hesitate to offer it to her

  • O know Oana since she was born. She was still young and she was helping around the house. She was barely 5 and she was trying to do the dishes. Her father spent a great part of his life in multiple hospitals until he passed away, but Oana was always next to her mom, supporting her. Oana took great care of her father while he was alive and I know she will take good care of the people around her when she will bacome a nurse. This scholarship will help her to persue her dream, so don’t hesitate to offer it to her

  • Oana is my cousin and I really hope that you will consider her as the winner of this competition. I need to tell you that she worked really hard to learn English and to study in another language. Oana is a wonderful person that loves people and ready to help them at every moment.

  • Oana, I really hope that you will receive this scholarship! Your are an amazing person and you deserve this! I hope that God will help you in this!

  • I’m Diana, Oana’s cousin. Oana is one of my favorite cousins. Even
    though her family didn’t have enough money, she always took care of me.
    She made me so happy every time she gave me her clothes that she didn’t
    wear anymore. She knew hoe to take good care of them so they were still
    in good condition for me! .
    Oana was very generous with me and my mom! She makes a good candidate
    for this scholarship, and please give it to her. Thank you!

  • I know Oana for almost 10 years now and she is a great friend and a very hard working person. I hope she gets the scholarship because she will make the most out of it.

  • Congratulations!!…May the God helps you to get this scholarship….you deserve it…God bless you :*

  • I can honestly say there is no one who is more deserving of this scholarship. Hard working family who most certainly will give back to the community. Hat’s off to both Mihaela and Matt.

  • Oana is an amazing person who is extremley driven to accomplish all the goals she sets for herself. She is also a very caring individual and I know she will make a terrific nurse someday! She has worked so hard to get where she is today and definitely deserves this scholarship. She will definitley be someone who does not take an opportunity like this for granted and will probably work above and beyond of what is expected of her.

  • Oana’ve known since I was a teenager. I think nostalgically beautiful moments we spent together went to church, youth meetings or simply to meeting to tell us. It is a serious person and very ambitious. Always when he proposed a struggle to get. I always admired that about her. And when they propose to do something, that makes it wholeheartedly. It has a great power of concentration and study great and it also comes amid ambition to achieve great things. I’m happy for her achievements so far. It has two beautiful girls and a devoted and loving husband and together form a strong family.
    I am a doctor in Romania and I think this noble profession would be right for her, the nurse. It has qualities that would recommend it for this wonderful job of working with people in suffering.Oana offer unconditional help and is filled with compassion for her peers. I enjoy her choice and I know that she will succeed.

    Congratulations Oana!

  • I have had the pleasure of knowing this incredible woman for exaclty 1 year to this day, when I began my career at The Ritz Carlton. Oana offered me the warmest and most genuine welcome to an already close-knit family at The Ritz. She has become one of my truest friends, always willing to help out in any way she can. Over the last year, she has lifted my spirits up during some of my darkest days and when my personal struggles seemed insurmountable. The ability to have such compassion and empathy for others, as Oana does, is the cornerstone of being a nurse patients will remember for a lifetime, or perhaps be comforted by if close to death. Oana always has a positive and energetic attitude, and is willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the guests at the hotel and to help her co-workers, but I know her true calling is to help those who are suffering in some way. Her talent and ability to excel in school and master the English language in only a few years is yet another testament to how much she deserves this award. If I were sick, and needed a gentle, kind ear to listen to my fears or to hold my hand if the pain was too much to bear alone… Oana is a person I would hope would be next to me in scrubs =) Best wishes dear friend and nobody deserves this more than you.

  • Oana is my friend and she was always there for me. She gives me strength when I feel weak and she puts a smile on my face when I am sad. Oana and my mom are two role models in my life that taught me that I have to work hard to reach my ideal. Oana worked hard to be where she is and she really deserves this scholarship!

  • Oana used to be my neighbour. I grew up with her. She is a hard working person that always wanted to have the best grades in her class. Oana was always the one that had to help with the chores in her family and support her mom emotionally when her family experienced hard times. I think she makes a good candidate for this scholarship and I hope she will win it!

  • Oana is such a wonderful person.She really deserves more than that because of being a good friend,sister and a mother..I hope and pray that you will get the scholarship..congratulations!!!

  • As a former classmate of Oana, I know the drive and dedication that she puts into school on a daily basis. She always strived to do her best in the class and she usually succeeded. She is a woman with so much drive and passion for education. LatPro would be crazy not to pick her for this scholarship. Good luck Oana, you deserve it!!!!

  • I am so glad you chose to be a nurse, Oana. You have such a big heart and after all you have been through in your own family, you will serve that profession well. Good luck to you and God bless you and your family.

  • What a sweet girl, Oana! I remember when she first moved to the United States. She would wake up at 5 a.m. to get to school an hour away. She was so determined to learn English she would stay at school studying her ESL until 11 pm and head home to sleep a few more hours. She has worked so hard for everything she has and she deserves every bit!!!

  • Oana is certainly deserving of this scholarship. I have known Oana for ten years, and she has accomplished incredible things. This scholarship will allow her to further her career and continue to be an influence for good in this world!

  • Oana is always caring, she is always thinking of others and doing nice things for others. So please be nice to her!!!

  • Oana is an incredible person. She is definitely deserving of the scholarship and will use it to benefit the lives of many people.

  • Oana Lara has always wanted to help people and work in the healthcare industry. Nursing is a great way to do that and make a difference. Oana will be a great nurse! She deserves this scholarship.

  • Oana is a hard worker, and one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. This scholarship will not be wasted on her.

  • Oana is a very energetic, ambitious and caring person. I’m sure she would make the best out this opportunity. The scholarship would be put to the best use with her.

  • An incredible Mom, wife and friend, Oana deserves all the good things in her future and I count myself blessed to have known her.

  • Oana is an incredible person! She has worked full time while raising her two children and helping her husband through law school. She is very kind, friendly and courteous. She inspires all of us to believe that anything is possible. I am grateful to have her as a friend and I dont think there is anyone who deserves this scholarship more than her.

  • Oana has been such an inspiration for me in my life as I dealt with losing a loved one. She shared her experience with me and consoled me the entire way. I can’t think of a better person to be a nurse. She will be amazing!!!

  • I am currently Mihaela’s academic advisor and am so pleased that she was admitted to our nursing program! She is a pleasure to work with and I am thoroughly impressed by her academic drive as well as her kindness. I am in full support of her being awarded this scholarship!