Publicação em lote, Scraping, etc.

Post to LatPro from…

If your company uses a third-party Job Distribution system, chances are you can already cross-post your jobs to LatPro. We work with mainstream Distribution Networks and ATS providers, including:

  • JobViper
  • AIRS
  • Arbita
  • GoJobs
  • EQuest
  • TMP world
  • Kenexa
  • HodesIQ
  • WhoToChoose
  • And Many Others

Batch post your jobs to LatPro

If your organization has multiple positions to post, you can efficiently submit all your jobs at once by simply uploading a file. For more information, please see:

We scrape jobs…

LatPro can design a custom “robot application” to copy job postings from your corporate Website and automatically post them to This service is included at no extra charge with select premium membership packages (when not bundled with a premium membership, this service may require an additional fee). Contact your sales consultant for further details.

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