Caption contest #5 – mariachi cartoon

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A few words with José:

Name: José L. Castañeda
What do you do for a living? I am a Marketing and Advertising Professional with an expertise in the Latino market opportunity.
Has your sense of humor ever helped you on the job? any examples? Absolutely, I use it all of the time.  Sense of humor is great way to break the ice and be memorable. I have many examples – one quick one I would to share with you is the one I mostly use at the beginning of my presentations.  Before I initiate a presentation, I always ask my audience if they can see me, hear me, view my presentation and also that I hope that can understand my accent – because my English is not very good looking.  This make them laugh and also pay close attention to what I have to say.
Ever used humor in a job search? Only when I feel it is appropriate and probably during the interview process.  You need to be careful when to use it and you must know your audience and be relevant to avoid insulting anyone and / or not being taking serious. 
What’s your best advice for jobseekers? Treat it as a job searching for a job BUT do not just look for a job – look for a career.  They need to be very diligent and precise during their search, so their next journey does not lands them in the same or worse situation they were before in their past job.  Also, very important, is that once they land their new career / job – they must protect it and work very hard / smart, so you they do not have to do a job search all over again in the near future.
What do you find funny and not funny about job search? I find funny how people get desperate for just landing “any job” instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to find the career of their dreams.  I do not find funny the pressure and anxiety job / career seeking can place on an individual and / or family.

José Castaneda

“Green Card???  Sorry, we do not know that song señor!”


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