Focusing on minimalistic architecture to improve living conditions

Natalia 250[M]y desire to create an impact through design aroused when my family and I moved to the United States and settled in suburban Florida. The absence of contrast between nature and the built environment generated a deep impression since, in my birthplace of Colombia, mountains surround most of the cities. Even though I felt this absence of nature, I also experienced liberty through the extensive horizon and colossal skyline that Miami offers. A few years later, I decided to commence my studies in Architecture. Then I pursued a Masters in Construction Management at Florida International University.

With my educational background, I believe that I can positively impact the environmental, economic and ethical aspects of the built environment through project planning and management, scheduling, cost estimating, and material analysis. A combination of these two degrees provides me the opportunity to perform environmental, psychological studies. I will also be trained to handle the entire lifecycle of a project, from concept to design, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance stages. This kind of interaction allows students to develop their systematic approach to provide proposals for specific issues taking into consideration the sustainable improvement of the built environment.

The greatest obstacle I have had to overcome is being a female in the construction industry. Despite other improvements, the percentage of women working in construction is still low, and many men continue to question our skills. Interacting with laborers and directing the construction when working at job sites has been somewhat rough. With time, however, I have been able to prove my skills and gain the respect and trust of many coworkers.

Because of my B.A. in Architecture, my M.S. in Construction Management and my professional experience, I am positive that obtaining a Master of Architecture is my next step towards fulfilling my career goals. My experience in design and project management will be strengthened after completing this Master’s Degree in an institution where the main focus is sustainability and urban planning. My passion lies in focusing my studies in environmental psychology, value engineering, and minimalistic architecture to create sound designs that improve the living conditions of those in need. This desire to design for vulnerable populations blossomed during my travels and while working with a government agency. Because of the reasons above, I look forward to obtaining this degree. Moreover, I hope to work with professionals, staff, and other students to produce community-based projects that respond to specific needs in our society.

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