Resume writing: Simple tips for Hispanic professionals

Although resume writing is not difficult, job seekers should choose carefully every word they write to demonstrate their professionalism. A resume should be original:

  • Informative at a glance.
  • Geared toward the industry and company targeted.
  • One page in length (preference) – two pages (acceptable).
  • Free from error, visibly crisp and clean.
  • Brief and clear in content.

Common sense rules. Do not do the following:

  • Use the word I.
  • Write in the third person.
  • Abuse the word “all.”
  • Present meaningless information.
  • Use the phrase “same as above.”
  • Show frequent changes in employment.
  • Inject meaningless hot words.
  • Expect a cover letter to replace a resume.

A resume should include key elements:

  • Qualifying skills.
  • Education, training, or related experience.
  • List of certifications, licenses, or spoken languages.
  • Brief company description.
  • Employment highlights.
  • The pattern of growth or increased responsibilities.
  • List of accomplishments, awards, nominations, or honors.

The prospective employer screens and evaluates a multitude of candidates. Targeting and stimulating interest will set you apart from the others.

Eric Shannon

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