LatPro Announces New Scholarship Award Winner

We are proud to announce that Nanette Chacon has won our December 2012 LatPro Scholarship award.

Nanette’s essay was moving and beautifully written.  She is a prime example of perseverance and selflessness as she uses her education and experience to benefit others.  After overcoming the death of her child with the help of a neonatal grief counselor, Nanette changed her career path and dedicated herself to helping others overcome similar traumatic events.  She graduates this semester with her bachelor’s degree, and then will enter the Master’s Degree Program in Clinical Counseling at the University of Phoenix.  Nanette writes, “I am going to pursue a career as a grief counselor. My ultimate goal is to work in close relationship with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at a respectable hospital to support families who experience similar misfortunes.”

The nine finalists – Nanette Chacon, Iustin McCarthy-Contreras, Camille Carlton, David Martinez, Concepcion Torres, Mihaela Lara, Elizabeth Glunk, Christian Pastor, and Ryann Quick – were selected from thousands of other applicants for their dedication to learning, desire to make a positive impact on the world, and how their incredible stories have helped mold their future career paths.  All the applicants should feel very proud of their noble pursuits.

We want to thank our site visitors and all who voted to help us select a winner.   The support shown through positive comments left for these students affirms both their career paths and the wonderful impact they already have on the lives of others.  

To apply for the next LatPro Scholarship, visit the scholarship page and check if your school has registered for the program.


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  • Congratulations Nanette! I truly wish you touch the lives of those you come in contact with. Counselors are important elements to the psychological and emotional support of those who are not able to move forward in their lives. I know because I too had the help of a wonderful counselor who showed me the tools to break free from my traumatizing past of isolation and continuous judgemental environment. I also hope that you keep God close throughout your career objectives. There’s no better counselor than him. Working with him will empower you to heal and lead people to the right path. Wishing you the best, and congratulations once again.

  • Hi, Nanette! You richly deserve this award and I am so proud to be part of an organization that recognizes people such as yourself. Your clients will benefit so much from your past experience, future training, and inherent dedication. Just one thing, as a translator I would say “respected hospital” rather than “respectable” hospital, as the second — which I read from your context — has other connotations you did not intend. Anyway, good luck to you!