Studying Physiology as a pathway into medicine

I chose my major after watching my mother endure breast cancer and its treatments. When I was a senior in high school, my mom was laid off from work and then diagnosed with breast cancer. A couple of months later, my dad was also laid off from work. To this day, almost four years later, my mom has not been reemployed into her career field. During these times of struggle, the community came together and continuously helped provide for us. My family has always given more than we have taken, and this was shown when my mom was recognized as a volunteer of the year by the city of Tucson.

Times like these shaped my outlook on life. Although they were filled with frustration, sadness, and negativity, I learned from them to always try to become a positive impact. I chose to pursue a degree in Physiology as a pathway into medicine. I feel like I can change the world and make a difference in the lives of people, even if it is just a single one.

Currently, I am working as an EMT at a fire department where I see both unbelievable highs and lows in the lives of others. I enjoy this job because it gives me a sense of fulfillment; I know I am making a difference. This job is one of the things I have done that make feel the proudest, even though it requires an immense amount of time, causes excessive stress and probably has a negative effect on my health and grades. There have been times when I routinely worked over 80 hours a week while attending school full time and walked into class still smelling of smoke and wearing melted boots from working a structure fire throughout the previous night. I have also been woken up in the middle of the night and, even before I could grab my bearings, I was loading a patient who had stopped breathing into a helicopter to fly her out to a hospital.

While other students party and work normal jobs, this is my job as it best fits my unique financial situation; a situation filled at times with food stamps, no garbage service, constant bill collector calls and banks threatening to send inspectors to my home after my family couldn’t make another mortgage payment. Truthfully, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change anything about the life I have been dealt. As a result of these challenges, I see the world in a different light than most people. While many people worry about things such as spring break or their parent’s lake houses, I have learned that these are little things and aren’t the things that matter; changing the world for the better and perhaps saving one more person is what’s important. I chose a degree in Physiology because it gives me a chance to do more than what I currently do, and in doing so, be more.

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  • In the last couple years, I have seen John show immense perseverance and fortitude in his everyday life. Overcoming obstacles is a part of every day life and I cannot be more proud seeing him overcome the ones he has faced.

  • As a family member of John and immigrant from Mexico myself, I understand the struggles of pursuing an education on a budget. This being said he is extremely deserving of this scholarship as he has shown dedication despite continued financial burden as his dad was once again laid off this past week from his job.