Teacher Certification for Foreign-Educated Teachers

Navigating through the rules, regulations, and requirements for teacher certification can be a difficult and challenging process for teachers who received their training outside U.S. borders, but it could pay off because a shortage of educators in key subjects and geographic locations has increased demand for qualified teachers in the United States.

It is important to note that any non-U.S. citizen who wishes to teach in the United States must first obtain a visa from the U.S. embassy in their home country to be eligible to teach in the United States. In addition to visa requirements, foreign-educated teachers who would like to teach in U.S. public schools (Kindergarten through twelfth-grade levels) must also be certified by the state where they would like to work. While each state has its own individual certification requirements for foreign-educated teachers, most states have in common certain requirements:

In most U.S. states, foreign-educated teachers seeking certification must meet the following requirements:

  1. Completion of the foreign equivalent of a U.S. undergraduate degree
  2. Completion of a teacher preparation program that meets the requirements of the state where the individual would like to teach
  3. Completion of a certain number of university-level credit hours in education and in the subject area they wish to teach

Additional Requirements:

  • Most states will also require foreign-educated teachers to submit a credential evaluation report with their teaching application. This report explains an applicant’s foreign credentials to the state board of education and is usually only accepted if it has been prepared by credential evaluators designated by the state.
  • Prospective teachers who were educated outside the United States may be required to take an exam or a series of exams to demonstrate their reading, writing, and speaking proficiency in the English language (if it is not their native language).
  • Some states also require passing scores on state-specific certification tests (for more information on Teacher Licensure and Certification tests, visit the Educational Testing Service site).
  • Foreign-educated teachers who meet all of the state’s certification requirements will also need to complete an application for certification and submit a processing fee (normally around USD 100).

* If foreign-educated teachers fail to meet a state’s minimum certification requirements, they may be able to complete additional coursework to meet state standards.

Possible Options for Teachers without Certification

  • Emergency Certifications – In some states, foreign-educated teachers can get a teaching job without being certified under the state’s emergency certification provisions. Because of critical teacher shortages, some states extend temporary and emergency certifications that bypass state licensing requirements. These temporary certifications are usually given to prospective teachers in high-need subject areas like math, science, bilingual education, and special education. Opportunities to teach under these emergency provisions are fairly common in urban locations, but such emergency teaching certification is only temporary. The teacher still must work towards and eventually obtain official state certification.
  • Teaching in Private Schools – While teachers in U.S. public schools must meet teacher certification requirements for their particular state, private schools in any state are allowed to hire non-certified teachers. Although this practice may be a possible route for foreign-educated teachers to find employment, it is important to know that private school teachers are usually paid less than teachers in the public school system. Private school teachers, however, tend to have more control over their lesson plans and typically teach smaller classes.

Assistance for Foreign Teachers
The following organizations and Web sites may be able to help qualified foreign teachers with the process of coming to the United States and becoming certified as a teacher (these links are provided for information only and are not endorsed by LatPro):

Eligibility Requirements and Certification Procedures by State:
The resources below provide more information about the teacher certification process for each individual state. Be sure to review the specific requirements for the state where you wish to work.


  1. Fulbright Commission’s US Educational Advisory Service (EAS)
  3. U.S. Department of Education

Eric Shannon



    • Hi Rachel, you cant work on H4 visa in USA.You can obtain certification though. Might be used when your work authorization status changes.See the State requirements for your state.

    • I m Indian citizen. I have done Indian certification of Early Child Care Education (ECCE). I live in Georgia. I want to do gerogia certification for teacher. As I have done ECCE diploma of one year what should I require to do to get Georgia certification for techer

  • hi my name is munna. i have been teaching english and social sciences in schools in bhutan for the past 20 yrs. .will i get teaching jod in usa i am an elementary teacher

  • Hi I live in india n have conpleted my B.Ed which is bachelors program in teaching n also my bachelors in commerce with specialization in management..I currently teach in university in do I secure a job in calufornia…

    • First of all, I’d learn how to spell California! Second of all, the links are above on the certification required in the state of California. You do need to be in USA with proper documentation and permits beforehand though.

  • HI, I’m an Indian citizen and I have completed my Bachelors and Masters in Psychology in India. I hold a teacher’s training diploma from the American TESOL Institute and a diploma from University of Cambridge for the same. I also have 2 years teaching experience. I now want to move to Florida can someone please guide me? I’ve tried calling the Bureau of Education with them being unresponsive to my requests.

    • Hi Niva,
      I am also on the same page in terms of academics though i have 10 yrs experience teaching ESL in INDIA
      Can you be kind to guide me the route to begin teaching career here in California incase , you are successful in your mission.
      Thanks your response would be highly appreciated.My email id is

  • Hi, I have about 15 years teaching experience at Secondary/ High School level and a Masters in Business Economics and a Bachelor in Commerce from a Sri Lanka State Uni.My spouse will be eligible to migrate to the US next year. I would like any advice from the forum in order to get my educational credentials and experience evaluated and obtain a certification to work as a Teacher in Maryland.

  • my name is Derwin Aquino i am an american citizen but i had to go to Dominican republic with my parents when i was 8 years old; that is the reason why i had to be in Dominican republic, i studied there, i have a bachelors degree in modern languages like teaching English and french, and i also work in the Dominican system as a teacher, i have ended my masters degree there, and i am thinking in the possibility to work here , i would like to know the steps for me to teach here. my email is, wasap 829-6496486 ill wait for the answer.

    • Hi Derwin,
      I am Olive, I am also a teacher if english and french, I would also like to teach in the USA, am in Texas, dont know how to go about

  • Hi I have completed Masters in Pharmacy and I am interested in working as science teacher in Minnesota. I am on L1 visa .. can I get the details about certification ?

  • Hi,I’m Reem Bisnagri and I have recently migrated to Chicago,IL.USA from India.I have got my degrees evaluated and have got a US equivalence in teaching majors for secondary education in the subjects of Accounting and Economics.What is the procedure to work here?

  • Hi. I’m Radu Zarnescu , from Romania (Europe), i’m a PE teacher, and i ‘m interested to work in USA. I finished master in Romania , and get my second degree in theaching in 2014. My e-mail:

  • Hi there, I have a Bachelors Degree in Education and a graduate Diploma in TESSOL from the university of Auckland, New Zealand. I have been a fully registered teacher for 8 years and teach in elementary school. what are my options if I were to teach in Colorado?

  • Hi! I am from the People’s Republic of China. I have been working in a senior high school as an English teacher for nearly 30 years. I want to teach Chinese in the USA. What should I do now?

    • First obtain US citizenship or Green Card. However keep in mind that unless you get married to a US citizen obtaining citizenship is harder than getting a PhD. Good luck!

      • Not truth.I came to US many years ago.I married an American and got a green card.Then after 5 years with the green card and living with my husband I was able to apply for the citizenship.Then I had to to pass the citizenship exam and to pay for that the money.Now the cost would be higher.
        Every year the countries from all over the world get probably quotas of winning the green cards.
        You could work with work visa.If US really takes you.

  • Hi I m Nelofar Khamisani.i m Pakistani, now came in USA Illinois from UAE where I was living from 2009 with my husband is in USA on F1 visa type.he is here for masters inEIOU.i worked as teacher in pakistan for about 10 years and in UAE for 5 years than came here with my husband. I want to serve here in charleston Illinois as a teacher or assistant teacher as well. What should I do now?my email is

  • I hold Honors degree,advanced cert in education both from University of Johannesburg and shall complete my bed with unisa in 2016 as well as a diploma in education fron University of Zimbabwe.I have IELTS overal score of 6.5.I wish to teach in the United States.

  • Hi I have done MSc botany and b.ed from India.I have 3year of teaching experience. How can work as a teacher in UK or us . which one shall be best

  • Hlo ….. I m from India. And I have done my B.p.ed and M.p.ed…..and I am interested to do job in California as an physical education teacher so can you provide be necessary details for how can I apply for that

  • Hi there,
    I’ve just stumbled across this website whilst looking at how to teach in the USA.
    I’m based in London (UK) and have completed my BA (ed) and hold a Qualified teacher status. The website with all the certifications was slightly confusing. My question is, would I have to undertake tests in the US to qualify as a teacher?
    Or are the qualifications I hold, enough to start a role in teaching?

    Kind regards,

  • Dear,
    I am a highly experienced teacher of Maths with 15 years British curriculum experience (O level/IGCSE and A level) I am a resident of Karachi,Pakistan. I want to teach in USA, can you please guide me how can i apply in USA or any teaching certification required for this.

  • Hi,
    my self is shraddha.
    I have done my bachelor and master in computer Application in INDIA.
    I am permanent Resident of USA.
    will u please guide me how to become a teacher in USA?
    which course and what are the requirement of that course?

  • Iam the education college graduate in Sudan ..Khartoum University ..have years of eperience as science teacher Iam visiting U.S.A

  • Hi. My name is Steven, I am an EU citizen, on a US visa. I have been working in the USA for 3 years, and I have completed my teacher certification in the state of Florida. However I am not certified to work as a teacher in my home country. Can I use the Florida teacher’s certificate to teach in American Schools in Europe? Thank you for your time

    • Hi Steven, I was hoping you could help me. I have a Bsc degree in Mathematics with Professional Education and I have been teaching in my home country (Scotland) for 8 years. Myself and young family are thinking of moving to Florida to teach, would you recommend? Also was it difficult to get Visa and a job?

  • I am a physical education teacher in sri lanka. I have 15 years experience in my country. Nw i am in ca. I have pr. What is path to became a pe teacher in ca. Please let me know.

  • Hi, I am sajid saifi .I m from india . I have completed my Bachelor and mastersiin Mathematics from university of delhi . I wanted to be a teacher in U.S.A or U.K. can someone help me out to tell what are the eligibility criteria Of that.
    My email is
    Or what’s app +919717474472

  • Teacher certification details pls ( eg. Where it is going to be or from where should i apply.)

  • hi, i hve done my masters in Mathematics and Economics, and B.Ed (Bachelor of Education degree in pakistan) and hv 12 years teaching experience of teaching Maths to O and A levels GCE in an international standard Army Public School in Pakistan.Do i need any other certificate or licence to teach abroad?

  • Hi,
    I am a H4 visa holder in Texas, i would like to become an elementary school teacher, I have completed post graduation in India which is a total of 5 years. Can somebody please tell me how do i proceed, either i change my visa status or i take the state required certificate to become a teacher.

  • Hello! I am a US citizen and have an EFL teaching degree in Mexico with 20 years experience. I’m looking to move to Houston TX this summer. How long is the process to revalidate my studies there and any suggestions to start teaching while the process is happening?

  • I did my masters in English and B.Ed from India and I have 12 yrs experience teaching ESL .
    I am a permanent resident of US , can anybody guide me how to begin a career as an ESL instructor in US
    Also , can non native speakers get ESL jobs in US

  • Hi Erick,
    Thanks for posting the valuable info for those who wants to teach in the States.
    I am currently a State certified elementary teacher and an American citizen. However, many schools or agents have turned me down because I do not have Chinese teaching certificate. I actually do not know if there is such kind of certificate in the States. I am a Chinese native speaker and got my bachelor degree in History in China. I do believe my language ability is good enough to teach Chinese in elementary or high schools as well as my teaching skills.

    May I ask if you or anyone here knows what other classes or tests that I need to take to make me certified in teaching Chinese in the States? I am very puzzled and confused by all those hiring requirements from the schools.

    Many thanks!


  • I am an American with a BA from an American University. I have a PGCE from South Africa. I have am a certified teacher in South Africa. I live in Ohio now, and Ohio does not require a masters degree to teach. Do you think I can get my license in Ohio with these 2 degrees?

    thanks in advance

  • Hello,
    My name is Hang. I finished my master degree in my country (Vietnam) as ESL English teacher. Now, I moved to USA by K1 visa to get married with my husband in Texas. I’m wondering if I could become an ESL English teacher here in Texas and, if yes, what I should do, what test I should take? I’m so confused about the requirements and career here. Could anyone give me the advice, please? Please reply me to my email (


    • Hi I am Mini. I am a citizen of India. But I live in USA, North Carolina. I have US Greencard. I completed my BEd from India. That means I have Bachelor of Education certificate from India. My major is social science, and also I have bachelor degree in Political science from India. How can I transfer my teaching license from India to USA?

  • Hi, i’m from Sri Lanka and i am a green card holder. I have a bachelor degree in fisheries and Marine science with an upper second class and i have done a master degree in Aquatic bioresource management and Aquaculture. I worked as a biology teacher for seven years in an international school in Sri Lanka. I have handled middle and upper school students and I have experience in preparing students for ordinary level AS level and A2 level EDEXCEL exams. i would like to get a teaching job in USA. will you kindly be able to help me with this. thank you.

  • Hi I m jaya Prakash.. I hav completed my master of physical education.,I like to work in UAE but for thy r asking teaching certificate/license..! Wat shd I do for tat…?

  • I am an Early childhood education teacher in Jamaica for 14 years.
    I have obtained a bachelor degree in middle school special education. I would love to work in the USA.How do I get started

  • Hi Erica, I appreciated of your kind for writing this article. I have few concerns I will like to discuss later on behalf of my Chinese friend wanting to find a teaching job in America as a transfer student from China if she can. As of right now she wants to gather enough understanding and info she needs before she get into the transfer process. Before we get into that privately as I am looking forward to. I would like to inform you the current status that she is in. This friend of mine, she will be graduating with a bachelor degree in teaching math in a somewhat prestigious institution in the year of 2017 with a teaching license. She is a very outstanding person in many areas either in school or outside of the community. In addition to that the year of her graduation she was ranked #1 not merely in grades and also in advancing improvements in Math and Standard English. She is one of the valedictorians in her high school and well respected from her fabulous teachers. Am I am firmly believe that she will continue to do so although English is the most difficult subject that is leading to her success. The question is will she able to teach elementary school in Amerca? Is she able to put her foreign bachelor degree in place of the one in America? If that isn’t a problem then all she needs is to obtain an America teaching license and her basic English if I am right. Please inform me through email or my cell number. 929-235-5512 My name is Min and Thank you very much for taking your time reading this.

  • You’ve just given me the info I was searching for. I also can share my experience in filling forms. BTW, there is an online service through which you can fill out a CT DRS CERT-104, the fillable blank is here

  • I have been a legal permanent US resident for one year now and since taking up residence in the US after leaving my home country Cameroon where I worked as teacher of French to English and English to French translation at university level and also as freelance translator-reviser, I have not been able to find a job in the two fields mentioned. I hold a Master’s degree in Translation from the University of Montreal, Canada. I have been handling the two professions for over 40 years now. How do I go about finding a job as a teacher of translation or French or simply as a translator in the State of Maryland, precisely in or around Silver Spring where I reside? Your kind attention would be highly appreciated.

  • I’m a citizen of USA, but I have all my degrees and teaching certificate from Ecuador. What can I do?

  • hi am a foreigner entered j1 status and i have only 12th grade certification, so am i eligible to teach because i have an experience of 12 years in high school in my native.

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Shirley, from China. I have applied to be an VIF Chinese Mandarin Teacher for K-12 students in South Carolina, North Carolina or Virginia next year. Meanwhile I would like to register as a US teacher I have checked the website of the States Education Department. There are many certification programs offered. I have no idea which one is suitable my situation because I read on the North Carolina State university website that people with J or F Visa are not allowed to take part in their teacher certification program.
    I already have a high school Chinese teacher certification in China. So far I have already taught students for 4 years as a full time teacher. In the future I plan to be a long-term Chinese teacher in public school/private school/international school in US.
    Please kindly let me know the link for a suitable program. Thanks so much. Wish you have a nice day!

    sincerely yours,

  • I am a teacher in my country. But I live in the Us for 3 years. I need to work. how can I be teacher in the Us?

  • Hi. I live in India. I am teaching Mathematics and qualified teacher with B.Ed degree. How can I teach in USA. Please help me. Thank you.

  • Hiee..
    This is Prashant from India. I am a Bachelor of Commerce.
    Sir/ Madam, I wish to teach Mathematics for higher class in the State of North Carollina.
    I wish to know, how I can go for it and what the required qualifications are to be fulfilled.
    Waiting for your kind guidence.
    Thank You.

  • Hello, I have a MA in English from Bangladesh. I would like to become a teacher in Georgia. What are steps to do so? Please help. Thanks

  • Hi,

    I had completed M.B.A degree in Finance from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been teaching the subjects related to General Management and Marketing since 3 years. Are there any opportunities for me?

  • Hi. I am now living in Georgia. I got a BA degree of English language and have taught English in high school in Vietnam for 21 years. I still want to continue my teaching in the USA, I want to be a pre-school teacher. How and how long I will be trained for this job. Please help me.
    I am looking forward to hearing from your guidance.
    Thank you

  • Hi,

    I’m a U.S citizen. I have graduated dental school in Europe and I’m currently living in the U.S and I want to get into teaching. I wonder if I’m still eligible to teach anything health related since I was a dentist and I haven’t graduated from an actual teaching program. I will take all the necessary tests. I just want to see if I can become a teacher in a shorter route. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to go back to school or take all the required test. I will really appreciate your feedback!


  • Hi, I am a teacher and Principal in Colombia country for 16 years; I moved to America and I can get my teaching licence in Florida State because I fail Florida Teacher Certification Exam. I also teach as English as a second language teacher and my evaluation as a teacher is proficient. I don’t Know what I can do. Can anybody give me any suggestion, please.

  • I am just came here on immigration visa and want to be a teacher in USA ,so how can I fulfill my desire. I am teacher in India for last 18 years.

  • Hi, I am an Indian citizen lives in the US on J1 visa. I have don Bachelors and Masters in Specia education in India. I have been teaching special education past 10 years. I am working as a special education teacher in South Dakota August 2015 to present . My teaching certification expires on 7/1/2017. I am planing to move other state, Will I get a teaching job without teaching licence in any other state

  • Hi my wife graduated in business mgnt course in Philippines. And we are living here in USA as immigrant status. How can she start to become a teacher?

  • Hello,
    My wife completed her Bachelor of elementary education degree in the Philippines. She is a fresh graduate just this year. how can we have her teach here in florida? what are the steps…. Thank you so much.

  • Wow so helpful.
    Do you know if it’s easier for Canadian teachers? Do you have to be working towards citizenship or is permanent resident enough.

  • Hi, I am a certified in Ontario, Canad and I would like to teach in the US. How do I get started? Thanks, Diane

  • Hi Eric,
    First of all thanks so much for such a vivid piece of information that you posted really thanks so much. I just have a little doubt hope you might help. I am graduate from University of Delhi ( India ) with Bachelors in Elementary Education degree after attaining the degree I have been teaching as Elementary Teacher (Science) so now I have 3 years of teaching experience. I am getting married to an American citizen in few months and would shift to New Jersey very soon. I want to pursue my career as elementary teacher in NJ as well for which I have to take exam for license Praxis test that’s what I read for NJ state but if I take GRE and get a score of 311-315 after that still I have to take this Praxis test?
    Please help my email id- Thanks a lot again!

  • Hi,
    I am secondary Art teacher in GEMS Dubai. I want to work in USA what was the criteria and process for job.

  • l like to work as a teacher in Oklahoma City I’m a teacher of elementary and middle School in central America.What I have to do for work here in the united States

  • Hi
    I am Shraddha, I have been teaching English in Secondary School for past six years in India ..I have done my masters in Education and English Literature (MA with first class and MEd ,first class with distinction)..I moved to USA last year on H4 and eagerly waiting for an opportunity..Plz someone tell me the procedure to get a good job in school….
    My ID-

  • Hi. I’m a Filipina with a Bachelors degree on Elementary Education. I have 3 years experience teaching in public school elementary in the Philippines. I want to apply in Louisiana Department of Education. I clicked their link but it shows error. Can you please help me locate the right link for me to read the requirements of the said school. Thank you so much ! Your help will be very much appreciated.

  • Hi , what if im a us cittizen but i studied in argentina , and i wanna be a gym teacher in the us ? Do i have to study all over again ?

  • Hi , I am a good teacher in my country. How can get a job aboard like teaching. I have completed Bachelor of arts and primary school training course
    Thak you

  • Hi. I’m a Filipina with a Bachelors degree on Elementary Education. I have 3 years experience teaching in elementary School in the Philippines. I want to apply in the school district of the state of California and I would like to know what are the requirements, Certifications I need to have, and Training I need to obtain. Thank you so much ! Your help will be very much appreciated.


  • In what area of teaching specialization or grades in the USA could I be approved to teach ?
    1. I graduated MA in Special Education and teach K-12
    regular elementary class and has taught enclosure and
    pull out and not a full time SPED teaching.
    2. I took 22 units with practicum in BS Elementary Education
    3. I graduated BS Industrial Education major: Electricity
    4. I teach in elementary for 21 years.

  • Hi, I have a Caribbean Teachers Certificate. I do not have a degree as yet. I’ve sixteen years experience of teaching English. Can I get a substitute teaching job ib New York until I get my degree?

  • Hi, I am Richard from Ghana. I obtained degree in psychology of Education in the University of Cape coast. I would be glad to be assisted to teach in the USA. My email address;

  • I am an indian . Having 10 years of Teaching experience in India and Maldives . Masters in Maths and Education . Can u guide me to get a us teaching opportunity

  • Hi,
    I am Bhutanese refugee n now I’m resettled in TN USA since five years. When I was in refugee camp in Nepal, I taught many years in private boarding schools and I did my masters degree in English.
    So what can I do to be a good teacher?

  • Hi. I am Yashmita from South Africa. I am a deputy principal of a school in my area. I have been in the teaching profession for 20 years; how do I get to teach in the USA having a Bachelor of Education honours degree in educational management?

  • Hi
    I am reshmi. I was teaching in India for ten years. Now in New York. I have credentials with me. Can you please direct me to work with schools here

  • Hi,
    I am not a US citizen but seeking for asylum. I have been living in the US for the last six years and I got master’s in physics. I don’t have teaching certificate. I have only taught undergrade level students. I do have work authorization and would love to teach in USA. How and where should I start? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • I trying to get my linces can you give me a phone number where I can talk somebody, pls?
    Thanks you

  • Hi, i’m from Palestine, i had studied English language teaching but i feel that i’m still have problem in talking with others in English language because all in here are arabs , i need to now what kind of courses should i stuty in the university to demonstrate my reading, writing, and speaking proficiency in the English language

  • I am from Cameroon, a permanent resident in the USA i have a teaching certificate in Economics science and a bachelor of technology degree in banking and finance how can i evaluate my certificate in other to teach in the US.

  • Hi, I have a bachelor degree in physical education, I’m having my last semester in English classes in a Texas college. How can I do to be a teacher . I speak 3 languages Portuguese , Spanish and English

  • Hi,

    I am an experienced ESL teacher and I hold a BA in English and a Master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Spain.
    I also have an J2-EAD but I do not know what the steps are to secure a license.

    I currently work at a school as a bilingual mentor and would like to take the next step.

    What would the requirements be?


  • Hi..I am from India and I am a science graduate and also done bachelors in education from here
    I have an experience of teaching kindergarten kids for close to 10 years..a d have been now a homemaker for last 6 years..can I get to work in USA.
    Please guide

  • Hi there,
    I’m a qualified teacher from New Zealand, with 6 years experience teaching primary school kids in South Korea. I am looking for information on how to obtain a visa and accreditation to teach in Texas. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated,

  • Is there a visa category for people who want to teach at conferences, private summer craft schools for adults for just one week, or similar non-academic situations? What should they called besides teachers, if that only applies to school teachers?

  • Greetings,

    I am Tendongmo Kinsley, Biology teacher from Cameroon, with 4years teaching experience, I have a BSc in Secondary Education Biology and A MSc in Microbiology. I wish to apply for a US teaching license/Certification. I will be very grateful for your help.

    Thank you.

  • Hello, I am Jonathan. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Physics sbf Education and a Master’s degree in Radiation and Health Physics. I have been teaching Physics for 7 years. Now, I want to join my fiancé in the US, state of Rhode Island.

    How do I get a teaching certification with my pedegree that will enable me to become a full time physics teacher. Contact me here:

  • Hello sir/ ma’am
    I’m from India
    And I’m a bsc bed working as a teacher and I’ve an experience of 18 years. How can I get a teacher job in USA?

  • Hi,

    I am from England.

    I have graduated with a Masters level degree in Mathematics and I am in the process of completing a PGCE with qualified teacher status.

    I want to teach in New York. Do I need 2 years of full time teaching experience before I can be considered? I want to teach in NY as soon as possible.

    Given my subject is Mathematics, would I be eligible for emergency certification, and how would this work? Would I still need to wait until I have the 2 years of experience or is there a faster route in?

    How would I receive New York teacher certification? Would this require further study or would my PGCE contribute towards this?

    I am keen to work in New York but any advise would be helpful!

    Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Jack Bedford

  • I am an English Language and Literature teacher who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communication studies along with a Diploma in Education and Further Education Teachers Diploma and a PGDE. I have been teaching in South Africa for the past nine years in public schools. I am a Zimbabwean citizen. How can l apply to teach English Language and Literature inthe any state inthe USA. Am l eligible?