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OR Support Assistant

Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)
United States, Maryland, Baltimore
6701 North Charles Street (Show on map)
May 27, 2024
Under direct supervision, provides ancillary support to the surgical team before and after every surgical procedure to include the following: preparation of equipment and supplies needed during surgery; room turnover between each procedure and regular cleaning (terminal daily and intense weekly) of the operating rooms, and assist with direct patient care activities such as positioning and holding extremities during surgical prepping. Ensure the proper delivery and return of case carts and specialized equipment to and from the operating room. Under supervision cleans corridors and other common areas in the Operating Room. Cleans walls, vents, lights, windows, and ceiling in those common areas. Transports bulk trash to designated collection points. Maintains the hospital in an orderly and sanitary condition in accordance with departmental and regulatory agency policies, procedures, and standards.


High school or equivalent

OR Support Assistant training obtained on the job

Six (6) months experience in a direct patient care environment in order to be familiar with basic patient activities, procedures, techniques and protocols.

Completion of "Healthcare Provider" CPR course.

* Knowledgeable in aseptic techniques and in OR supply, equipment and instruments, to properly sterilize and disinfect instruments to properly restock and setup non-complex, routine surgical equipment.
* Ability to read and write English in order to identify patients, prepare supplies for surgical procedures and to follow instructions regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the operating rooms, equipment and supplies
* Interpersonal and oral communication skills necessary to interact with patients, visitors, nursing staff and physicians.
Ability to work in a fast paced and stressful environment where incumbents need to be able to respond rapidly and efficiently to requests/needs of the surgical team as well as to changes in OR schedule, etc.

Physical Requirements:

Ability to perform heavy lifting and strenuous physical exertion up to seventy percent (70%) of work time. Ability to walk and stand up to ninety percent (90%) of work time.

Working Condition:

Exposure to water, detergents, and other cleaning agents up to fifty percent (50%) of work time.

Exposure to potential hazards from used needles and other sharp objects up to thirty percent (30%) of work time.

Occasional exposure to anesthetic exhausts up to ten percent (10%) of work time.

Conditions of Employment:

Completion of "Healthcare Provider" CPR course.

Principles Duties and Responsibilities:
* Gathers supplies for surgical procedures as required, using correct surgeon's preference card when one exists or under the direction of the registered nurse.
* Assembles and sets up non-complex equipment prior to surgery; helps with assembly of specialty equipment as needed, to include orthopedic traction equipment
* Assembles case carts according to pick ticket accurately and in a timely manner
* Gathers supplies for surgical procedures as required, using correct surgeon's preference card when one exists or under the direction of the registered nurse/Clinical partner
* Assembles necessary cleaning supplies and equipment; loads utility cart and transports same to work area after receiving instructions as to area and specific work assignment
* Cleans assigned areas by performing a variety of housekeeping duties. Duties include, but not limited to: cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, washing, polishing, etc. Inspects area upon completion of cleaning to ensure appropriate levels of cleanliness have been achieved.
* Scrubs floors with approved equipment
* Dry and wet mops floors, mats, offices, and other assigned areas
* Dusts and wet mops assigned areas to include operating rooms, corridors, stairwells, lounges, offices, locker rooms, and other common areas
* High dusts overhead lights, etc, in all areas.
* Maintains and stocks Operating Room/PACU supplies including
solutions, linens, brushes and environmental / cleaning supplies
* Cleans cabinets and rotates sterile supplies within the Operating Room / PACU
* Assists nursing in obtaining stock supplies for each designated area
o Assists the RN in providing direct and indirect patient care according to established procedures.
* Transports patients to and from the surgical suite.
* Assists OR nurse in lighting and positioning patients from the stretcher/bed to any and all forms of transportation
* Assists with patient hair removal, positioning and prepping.
* Assists and prepares patients for discharge and transports/escorts to discharge area
* Responsible for room turnover and assisting with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning of unit equipment.
* Transports specimen and blood as directed and performs other errands as requested by the Clinical Partner.
* Transports soiled case carts to the decontamination area
* Transports clean case cart to the designated rooms as assigned
* Notifies Nurse Manager or Clinical Partner of any broken or damaged equipment. Transports equipment to and from the biomedical engineering department
* Communicates pertinent information surrounding optimum patient care to the appropriate patient care provider
* Reports patient complaints, problems, and unusual occurrences immediately to the appropriate RN/Clinical Partner
* Cleans and stores equipment regularly in porter closet or assigned storage areas. Maintains appropriate level of supplies as needed.
* Empties waste receptacles and removes trash. Collects and transports all waste materials as indicated.
* Assists in cleaning of emergency spills as observed or upon request
* Performs GOR cleaning per established guidelines and protocols in established time frames including removing soiled linen from operating rooms and replacing with fresh linen in prescribed manner
* Performs all related duties as assigned or directed

All roles must demonstrate GBMC Values:


I will treat everyone with courtesy. I will foster a healing environment.

* Treats others with fairness, kindness, and respect for personal dignity and privacy

* Listens and responds appropriately to others' needs, feelings, and capabilities


I will strive for superior performance in every aspect of my work. I will recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of others.

* Meets and/or exceeds customer expectations

* Actively pursues learning and self-development

* Pays attention to detail; follows through


I will be professional in the way I act, look and speak. I will take ownership to solve problems.

* Sets a positive, professional example for others

* Takes ownership of problems and does what is needed to solve them

* Appropriately plans and utilizes required resources for various job duties

* Reports to work regularly and on time


I will be engaged and collaborative. I will keep people informed.

* Works cooperatively and collaboratively with others for the success of the team

* Addresses and resolves conflict in a positive way

* Seeks out the ideas of others to reach the best solutions

* Acknowledges and celebrates the contribution of others

Ethical Behavior

I will always act with honesty and integrity. I will protect the patient.

* Demonstrates honesty, integrity and good judgment

* Respects the cultural, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of patients/families/coworkers


I will set goals and measure outcomes that support organizational goals. I will give and accept help to achieve goals.

* Embraces change and improvement in the work environment

* Continuously seeks to improve the quality of products/services

* Displays flexibility in dealing with new situations or obstacles

* Achieves results on time by focusing on priorities and manages time efficiently

COVID-19 Vaccination

All applicants must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or obtain a GBMC approved medical or religious exemption prior to starting employment at GBMC Healthcare, to include Gilchrist and GBMC Health Partners.

Equal Employment Opportunity

GBMC HealthCare and its affiliates are Equal Opportunity employers. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, national origin, mental or physical disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local law.