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Audio-visual Collections Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for setting up and operating audio-visual teaching aids and resources. Utilizes equipment such as projects, cameras, camcorders, and other equipment and operates them during meetings, classes, workshops, or other presentations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Set up and operate equipment during meetings or presentations.
  • Wheel equipment in and ensure screens are cleaned and wiped properly.
  • Test equipment and identify malfunctions.
  • Operate equipment such as film and slide projectors, cameras, and other recording equipment.
  • Plug equipment in and ensure cord is long enough.
  • Utilize presentations, catalogues, and collections to instruct others.
  • Ensure lighting is adequate and bulbs are changed.
  • Narrate presentations.
  • Instruct users in the selection, use, and design of audiovisual materials
  • Instruct others on how to properly use multimedia.
  • Confer with teachers on when and where equipment is needed.
  • Maintain hardware and software.
  • Write texts and instructions on how to use equipment.
  • Develop presentation ideas and ways on how to best-incorporate audiovisual equipment.
  • Create graphics for presentations.
  • Incorporate a variety of visual aids to go along with sound during presentation.
  • Have presentation available to download on student's computer.
  • Secure conference and meeting rooms.
  • Prepare audiovisual teaching aids and methods for use in school systems.
  • Perform annual equipment maintenance.
  • Arrange for the purchase of new or additional equipment as needed.
  • Set up budgetary estimates for equipment.