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Chemical Equipment Tender

Job Summary

Responsible for tending equipment using in starting chemical reactions or changes such as devulcanizers, batch stills, fermenting tanks, steam-jacketed kettles, and reactor vessels.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Control equipment used in chemical processes, reactions, and changes.
  • Test equipment for leaks or malfunctions.
  • Record data such as temperature, shift, materials, and treating time.
  • Gather chemicals needed for operation.
  • Pour chemicals in.
  • Weigh, measure, and mix substances.
  • Draw samples for analysis.
  • Monitor and adjust operating conditions.
  • Test chemicals for pH, composition, or gravity.
  • Drain equipment and cleanse properly.
  • Flush out tanks.
  • Monitor gauges and panel lights.
  • Adjust valves accordingly.
  • Keep meticulous logs.
  • Purchase chemicals.
  • Ensure inventory room is stocked.
  • Observe safety precautions and wear protective gear.
  • Report spills.
  • Move controls of processing equipment to admit, transfer, filter, or mix chemicals.
  • Initiate pumps and agitators.