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Compensation Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for overseeing and administering employee compensation programs. Establishes a company's pay structure, approves bonuses and commissions, and administers executive compensation programs.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Administer compensation programs.
  • Develop and maintain a company's pay structure.
  • Compare pay structure to competitors.
  • Perform compensation analysis to determine if salaries are on par with national average.
  • Approve bonuses or commissions.
  • Collect and examine detailed information about job duties.
  • Approve salaries.
  • Prepare job descriptions.
  • Ensure pay scale is fair and equal.
  • Research complaints about pay discrimination.
  • Research inquiries into salary discrepancies.
  • Oversee performance management system.
  • Ensure the firm's pay scale complies with changing laws and regulations.
  • Purchase and analyze salary surveys.
  • Design reward systems.
  • Set merit pay guidelines and bonus pay criteria.
  • Administer executive compensation programs.
  • Determine commission rates for corporate sales staffs.
  • Approve salary for new job openings.