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Credit Authorizer

Job Summary

Responsible for authorizing credit card charges made to a customer's account. Receives information from merchants and verifies, also checks for fraud. Receives credit application and approves or declines it based on applicant's credit standing.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Authorize credit charges and verify that purchases were not fraudulently acquired.
  • Process information from salespeople or merchants over telephone.
  • File sales slips in ledger.
  • Verify credit standing of customer from information in files or credit checks.
  • Determine if a charge was deemed invalid at the point of sale because of a change of address, past due payments or mistaken information.
  • Use information to approve or disapprove credit.
  • Mail charge statements to customers.
  • Receive and process credit applications.
  • Call credit applicant's employer and check references.
  • Inform customer of decision.
  • Submit issue to outside credit investigation staff if necessary.
  • Prepare credit cards.
  • Receive and process charge slips by mail.
  • Handle customer issues as they arise.