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Electrical Tester

Job Summary

Responsible for testing electrical systems and equipment to detect faulty wiring and ensure they comply with electrical codes and standards. Visits construction sites and residences, performs testing, and makes recommendations for improvement.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Examine and test electrical systems and equipment.
  • Inspect and test new and existing sound and security systems, wiring, lighting, motors, and generating equipment.
  • Inspect the installation of the electrical wiring for heating and air-conditioning systems, appliances, and other components.
  • Keep records and write reports.
  • Report findings to contractors or government agencies.
  • Report violations.
  • Stop construction of non-compliant installations.
  • Examine and inspect wire harnesses, control panels, coaxial cables, and electrical jig boards, for completeness of assembly, quality, and conformance to blueprints.
  • Inspect wiring of assemblies for accuracy of stripping, soldering, and crimping, and for defects.
  • Look for frayed wires and loose connections.
  • Test continuity.
  • Compile inspection reports.
  • Write up recommendations for improvement.
  • Verify wire and cable length.
  • Examine and test parts and assemblies.