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Financial Manager, Branch or Department

Job Summary

Responsible for Directing and coordinating financial strategies at a banking branch or department within an organization. Preside over activities of workers in the branch or department.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Administer and manage all of the functions of a branch office.
  • Plan, direct, or coordinate the activities of workers in branches, offices, or departments of establishments, such as branch banks, brokerage firms, risk and insurance departments, or credit departments.
  • Hire and terminate personnel accordingly.
  • Supervise daily financial activities to ensure compliance.
  • Approve loans and lines of credit.
  • Determine risk clients when making credit decisions.
  • Network within community to drum up new business.
  • Assist customers to resolve account problems.
  • Preside over sales and business development.
  • Adjudicate disputes between financial advisors.
  • Manage financial advisors within the office, including the hiring and firing of.
  • Make the office and its parent firm a visible presence in community affairs and charitable activities.
  • Ensure the branch's goals and objectives are met in a timely fashion.
  • Review collection reports to determine the status of collections and the amounts of outstanding balances.
  • Establish procedures for custody or control of assets, records, loan collateral, or securities to ensure safekeeping.