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Gaming Cage Worker

Job Summary

Responsible for counting the monies at a gaming establishment such as a casino. Conducts financial transactions for people and reconciles daily summaries of financial transactions.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Count the money at casinos and other gaming establishments.
  • Sell gambling tickets, tokens, and gaming chips in exchange for currency.
  • Use a computer to record transactions.
  • Accept and verify credit applications from patrons.
  • Establish house credit accounts.
  • Provide check-cashing authorization.
  • Keep precise records.
  • Report transactions involving large sums to the IRS.
  • Buy tokens back from patrons for cash.
  • Balance money drawers at the end of each shift.
  • Adjust the balance daily summaries of transactions of books.
  • Maintain gaming cage security.
  • Ensure the accuracy of reports such as authorization forms, transaction control, and exchange summary reports.
  • Perform rotation of cash, coins, and chips.