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Hand Grinding/Polishing Worker

Job Summary

Responsible for grinding, sanding, and polishing objects made out of wood, metal, stone, clay, plastic, and glass. Uses cloth, hand tools, and power tools to ensure a smooth surface. Inspects for flaws or cracks.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Grind, sand, and polish objects.
  • Correct defects.
  • Prepare surface for further finishing.
  • Mark cracks and splits for repair.
  • Position grinding equipment over surface.
  • Start grinding process by turning on equipment.
  • Adjust output of power.
  • Polish and grind materials according to specifications.
  • Select files according to materials and shape of workpieces.
  • Measure equipment.
  • Interpret blueprints and instructions.
  • Measure dimensions.
  • Test workpieces in working machinery.
  • Trim and scrape objects.
  • Use chisels and scrapers to smooth product.
  • Clean equipment and work tables.
  • Load or remove workpieces from work tables.
  • Record product data.
  • Maintain or repair equipment.
  • Sharpen abrasive grinding tools.
  • Apply solutions or chemicals to surfaces.
  • Grind products such as gun barrels, jewelry, rocking chairs, auto
  • parts, and dentures.
  • Follow guidelines and templates.
  • Record processing data.