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Insurance Underwriter

Job Summary

Responsible for determining if claimant or applicant is eligible for insurance coverage. Identifies and calculates risk of loss from policyholders and green lights or denies coverage accordingly.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assess the eligibility of a customer to receive insurance products, including equity capital, insurance, mortgage, or credit.
  • Negotiate and create underwriting agreements.
  • Create exclusivity agreements.
  • Analyze insurance applications.
  • Accompany insurance agents on sales calls.
  • Approve or deny applications based on risk assessment.
  • Conduct independent investigations of applicants.
  • Perform background checks.
  • Work with appraisers to determine value of items.
  • Determine proper premiums and policy terms.
  • Set specific policy terms and conditions.
  • Ensure insurance company charges just the right amount for the coverage it provides.
  • Analyze risk assessment.
  • Quote prices.
  • Price life insurance, health insurance, property/casualty insurance and homeowners insurance.
  • Use computer programs and actuarial data to determine the likelihood and magnitude of a payout over the life of the policy.