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Merchandise Displayer

Job Summary

Responsiible for Creating developing, and installing displays that showcase products, including clothes, accessories, and furniture. Displays are attended to motivate customers to browse and purchase products.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching displays using a variety of mediums.
  • Construct backdrops and settings from wood, fabric, glass, paper, and plastic.
  • Compile a number of accessories for the display, including jewelry, shoes, clothing, or furniture.
  • Ensure lighting properly illuminates display.
  • Sweep up area and maintain cleanliness.
  • Arrange mannequins and dress appropriately.
  • Set up sale signs and price tags.
  • Arrange photography alongside products.
  • Change or rotate window displays as needed to reflect seasons, holidays, or trends.
  • Promote new inventory through displays.
  • Consult with advertising and sales staff.
  • Obtain plans from display designers or display managers.
  • Work at trade shows to display merchandise properly.
  • Install booths, exhibits, displays, carpets, and drapes.
  • Pack and store displays for future use.
  • Instruct sales staff on how to maintain displays.
  • Attending training sessions and meetings to plan future displays.
  • Coordinate displays with other branches.
  • Execute merchandising strategies.
  • Order and replenish inventory for displays as needed.