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Music Director

Job Summary

Responsible for Developing, coordinate, and supervise music programs and organizations such as orchestras, bands, choirs, or symphonies. Recruits, trains, and rehearses members of the musical group and oversees productions.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Preside as main director over musical programs and oversee production.
  • Plan and produce special musical concerts and/or workshops.
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts.
  • Devise budgets and plan communications.
  • Interpret the work of composers for productions.
  • Transcribe musical compositions.
  • Select music for church services.
  • Audition and cast performers in ensembles.
  • Direct band members at rehearsals.
  • Arrange the score and transport the fits.
  • Direct the recording of performances for later review or distribution.
  • Help soloists rehearse.
  • Plan and schedule rehearsals.
  • Arrange for the delivery and setup of interments.
  • Study and interpret scores.
  • Coordinate and organize tours.
  • Promote tours and help sell tickets.
  • Supervise maintenance of and additions to music library and equipment.
  • Expand and enhance the breadth and depth of the choir’s range of music.