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Network Installer

Job Summary

Responsible for installing and maintaining computer communication networks at a company or organization. Ensures networks are running smoothly and upgrades networks to provide maximum performance.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Install computer networks such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), the Internet, intranets, and other data communications systems.
  • Install server hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Set up user accounts and passwords.
  • Monitor network usage and security.
  • Manage email, spam, and virus protection.
  • Ensure networks are running smoothly.
  • Troubleshoot and restore systems after crashes.
  • Retrieve forgotten passwords.
  • Undertake routine preventative measures and implement, maintain and monitor network security.
  • Supervise help desk technicians.
  • Ensure systems comply with industry standards.
  • Keep internal networks running smoothly.
  • Support administration of servers and server clusters.
  • Manage system back up.
  • Restore protocol.
  • Document network problems.
  • Support network and computing infrastructure.
  • Install and maintain network services, equipment, and various devices.
  • Oversee software security.