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Occupational Therapist Aide

Job Summary

Responsible for providing rehabilitation services to people exhibiting mental, emotional, or physical impairments, or to those who have suffered an injury that requires therapy.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Help patients rehabilitate themselves in a variety of ways.
  • Develop long or short-term treatment plan, including diet and exercise.
  • Show patients how to move from a bed into a wheelchair.
  • Assist patients with stretching limbs and muscles.
  • Encourage patients to continue with exercises.
  • Record progress and make further recommendations.
  • Alter treatment program if no results have been noted.
  • Document the billing of the client's health insurance provider.
  • Prepare materials.
  • Assemble equipment for use during treatment.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Answer telephones and greet patients.
  • Restock inventories.
  • Order supplies.
  • Fill out insurance forms and other paperwork.
  • Teach patients how to compensate for lost motor skills.
  • Help patients with learning disabilities.
  • Teach patients how to feed and dress themselves.
  • Demonstrate therapy techniques.