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Ordinary Seaman

Job Summary

Responsible for working on a ship for a certain amount of time to become certified as an able seamen.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work towards certification as an able seaman.
  • Stand watch on deck department of merchant ship.
  • Perform lookout duty.
  • Take a turn at ship's wheel.
  • Work with bridge equipment.
  • Clean and perform maintenance on ship.
  • Work with deck equipment.
  • Identify and remove rust accumulations.
  • Refinish affected areas with sealants, primers, and paints to slow the oxidation process.
  • Scale, buff, and paint decks.
  • Scrub, sweep, and wash deck.
  • Splice wire and rope.
  • Demonstrate marlinspike seamanship skills.
  • Stage large amounts of equipment, such as twist-locks, braces, ratchet-straps, tie-down rods.
  • Break out, rig, overhaul, and stow cargo-handling gear, stationary rigging, and running gear.
  • Secure or fasten cargo to ship.
  • Check cargo to look for wear and tear, broken or compromised securements, shifting, or any other sort of noncompliance.
  • Loosen cargo at end of voyage.
  • Launch and recover boats.