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Pet Caretaker

Job Summary

Responsible for supervising and taking care of pets in the absence of their owners or while they are being held in an animal control facility.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Feed, water, nurture, and care for pets such as dogs, cats, birds, horses, cows, ferrets, fish, or other animals.
  • Take animal out for regular exercise.
  • Give rewards and treats for good behavior.
  • Ensure animal has plenty of space to eliminate.
  • Administer medications.
  • Feed and give water to animal.
  • Lift and move pets as needed.
  • Check for signs of disease or distress.
  • Perform wound care on pets that are injured or have gone through surgery.
  • Apply new dressings.
  • Brush, bathe, and trim nails of pets.
  • Keep records of feeding, exercise, and medication schedule.
  • Clean and disinfect pens and cages.
  • Remove feces and urine from cage.
  • Provide information about animals, such as behavior, habitat, breeding habits, or facility activities.
  • Take pets to veterinarians for treatments.
  • Ensure inventory is stocked.
  • Mix formulas or medications according to instructions.
  • Clean out pets' ears and check for mites and fleas.
  • Remove ticks and fleas and apply medication.
  • Record weight, size, physical condition, treatments received, medications given, and food intake.
  • Ensure safe transport of animals.