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Product Safety Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for developing and carrying out tests and experiments to gauge the safety levels of products. Recommends ways to improve safety, participates in recalls when issues have been reported, and reduces or eliminates hazards by improving product.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Conduct research and tests to evaluate product safety.
  • Isolate potential safety hazards.
  • Investigate accidents and injuries related to product and issue recalls if necessary.
  • Construct precautionary instructions on label.
  • Oversee manufacturing process of product.
  • Analyze chemical features to ensure nothing is hazardous.
  • Develop and conduct testing methods.
  • Evaluate risk of fires or physical harm.
  • Develop safety procedures when handling product.
  • Anticipate, recognize, and evaluate safety hazards.
  • Achieve safety compliance across multiple product lines and programs.
  • Determine regulatory/certification/compliance issues and/or identify foreseeable misuses.
  • Review and approve or modify changes to products.
  • Conduct root cause analysis and implement due diligence actions to resolve customer issues.
  • Maintain proficiency of worldwide safety regulations through research, development of network, and ongoing education.
  • Reduce liability concerns and actions.