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Professional Photographer

Job Summary

Responsible for operating cameras to capture moments on film or to film people and places for various projects. Purchases and maintains camera, develops film, and cleans up or edits pictures as needed

Primary Responsibilities

  • Own and operate camera for shooting assignments.
  • Operate video camera to capture moments or pictures.
  • Ensure proper lighting is achieved.
  • Travel to different locations depending on assignments.
  • Take posed and candid shots.
  • Provide edited versions of tapes.
  • Assist with camera work for documentaries or independent film.
  • Film television programs, commercials and music videos from a studio or a set in a fixed location.
  • Thread the camera and set the focus.
  • Clean the camera.
  • Handle the clapboard, load film magazines, and fill out camera report sheets.
  • Move cameras and other equipment around as needed.
  • Take promotional pictures.
  • Direct participants in shots.
  • Edit shots.
  • Remove red eye, resize, and crop pictures as needed.
  • Expose high contrast film for predetermined exposure time.
  • Adjust lens and secure different lens sizes depending on shot.
  • Select and install screens and filters in camera to produce desired effects.
  • Use software to manipulate photos.