A Freebie And A Favor

Dear reader:

As CEO of LatPro Inc. over the last 18 years, I've seen a lot of things that work and don't work for job seekers.

I wrote a book about it that's helping a lot of people (see reviews below).over on the right). I want to give you my book - that's the freebie. In return, I'd like to ask you to leave an honest review on Amazon after you've read it.

There are a lot of gems in this book (like the 20 ways to not suck at work) and plenty of stories. It's entertaining, and the ideas work, so don't miss it! It may change your life...

Wishing you a great year,

Eric Shannon
CEO of LatPro.com

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About LatPro

Since 1997, we've operated job boards in diversity, bilingual, Hispanic and other professional niches. We run a series of national diversity job fairs and offer three annual scholarships for hispanic, diversity and all other college students at participating universities.

What They're Saying

I'm following up to let you know that I have posted a review on amazon.com of your FANTASTIC book. As a matter of fact, I used your advice and one of the templates to reach out to the director of recruiting at Starbucks for an informational interview. The informational Interview turned into job interview. I'm being considered for a regional HR role. My second interview is on Wednesday, April 20. Your book is working wonders in the universe. Thank you!
Warm regards, Jose
I have applied to a lot of full time positions in the last year and have only gotten about 4 interviews, which have lead to nothing. This book opened my eyes to bigger, better things I could be doing to land that job...I used this book and I am now starting full time next week (I am not making this up!) As per the advice from this book, I finally just picked up the phone instead of hiding behind lengthy emails.
Excellent book for anyone trying to find their ideal job. I followed his recommendations and I'm now in the process or negotiating an offer. Buy the book, you'll learn a lot from it!